Google announces the dates to 2021 Android Dev Summit, Chrome Dev Summit along with Firebase Dev Summit

Google announces the dates to 2021 Android Dev Summit, Chrome Dev Summit along with Firebase Dev Summit

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Google’s most important conference for developers will be Google I/O, where the company announces a variety of new products and enhancements on existing services. Due to the scale of Google as a company and the short timeframe available to certain groups inside the company to reveal all the projects they’ve worked on. It’s the reason why certain teams within Google organize special events that bring developers up with the latest technologies and tools that they should know about. On the day of today, Google unveiled the dates for three events for developers including three of them: the Android Dev Summit, the Chrome Dev Summit, and the Firebase Summit.

Android Dev Summit 2021

In an article on its blog, Google has confirmed that the Android Dev Summit is back in 2021. The event will run for two days and begin on October 27th. The event will begin at 10 am in morning on the 27th, beginning with the Android Show, a technical keynote that outlines the most recent news regarding Android developers. After the keynote, there will be more than 30 sessions that cover a range of subjects. Because the event is virtual, Googlers will also be responding to questions online and posted by @AskAndroid.

The theme for this year’s conference the theme is ” excellent apps, across devices“, and Google announces new APIs, development tools, and other technology that will assist developers in creating better applications that can run on many different forms such as tablets, wearable’s and much more. Because the event is scheduled to take place following the stable release of Android 12 It’s unlikely that we’ll discover anything new about the operating system however, there’s a possibility that we’ll learn about the next update, Android 12.1.

Go to the Android Dev Summit page to join Google’s mailing list and learn about the various events to offer this year.

Chrome Dev Summit 2021

Web developers must make the 3rd of November 2021 to attend this year’s Chrome Dev Summit. The event will be informed about the latest features and updates that are being released into Chrome. Chrome browser. The keynote along with life, ask me any question (AMA) are entirely online and accessible to all, however, the space for workshops, office hours, and lounges for learning, so you’ll need to request an invitation. Find out more information on the Chrome Dev Summit page.

Firebase Summit 2021

In the final analysis, Google has scheduled the Firebase Summit for November 10, 2021. The Firebase suite, in case you were not aware, is Google’s cloud-based application tooling suite.

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