WhatsApp will introduce an international voice message player within the next few days

WhatsApp will introduce an international voice message player within the next few days

WhatsApp is working to introduce brand new international voice message player features just a few days after the instant messaging app launched features that allowed users to listen to audio notes at various playback speeds, it was revealed by WABetainfo.

There are some features on WhatsApp that can make the experience of messaging worthwhile and engaging enough. Image File

  • WhatsApp users can be able to listen in on voice chats after they have left the chat.
  • This feature is pinched on the upper part of the app and will remain visible when you open any area of the application.
  • The users will have the ability to suspend and then dismiss messages at any point.


 international voice message player

What is sure to be viewed as welcome news for the millions of WhatsApp users across the world The new feature will allow customers to hear audio notes or messages after they have left chats.

WhatsApp has decided to make this feature “global voice message player” since it will be pinched at the top of the app so it will be available when you open any part of the application.

The users will have the ability to stop and end messages at any point.

This feature is useful for those who receive voice notes with long durations. In these instances, users can continue messaging others while the voice message plays in the background.

“This feature was spotted during the development of WhatsApp beta for iOS (so it’s still not available), but WhatsApp is also planning to introduce the same feature on WhatsApp beta for Android as well, so be sure to follow us if you want to receive our updates when there is news,” said WABetainfo.

The feature is currently in testing and will soon be announced for WhatsApp users around the world.

WhatsApp introduces new features for disappearing messages today

A few days earlier, WABetainfo had reported that WhatsApp will launch new features that deal with disappearing messages. This app is launching to enhance users’ experience.

This new function will go by the name named “New Durations and Default Timer at present. These new functions are designed to assist users to handle messages that are disappearing.

The first of these features will let users have control over the duration of new messages. Prior to this, messages marked as ‘disappearing’ messages’ would disappear within seven days. Now, WhatsApp will implement measures to make sure that the duration is controlled.

Users can configure users’ “disappearing messages” option to various durations, like the duration of 24 hours or 90 days, or up to seven days.

The other alternative is setting a default timer for chats that are new. The user can activate this feature by logging into the Privacy Settings for WhatsApp. If the feature is enabled, users will be able to turn off the messages options available in all-new chats, for a certain duration. If the user is able to enable the default timer for messages for their chats, their existing chats as well as new groups won’t get affected due to the change in timer.

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