Breathe at ease with the new Mi Air Purifiers 

Breathe at ease with the new Mi Air Purifiers 

Annually air pollution kills approximately 7 million people worldwide. Data from the WHO indicates that almost all of the global population is breathing air that contains high levels of pollutants and harmful bacteria. 

The air we breathe is filled with hidden dangers from PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and pollens in the air which can cause severe breathing problems.

From smoke inside rooms to smog hanging over cities, air pollution has become the biggest threat to not just the climate but our collective health.

Keeping this in mind Xiaomi dropped its new eco-friendly Air Purifiers with the True High-Efficiency Filter that efficiently removes 99.97% of pollutants, so you breathe at ease. 

The highly efficient three-layer filter core with built-in True High-Efficiency Filter offers a 360-degree air duct circulation system and purifies at a high speed which lasts longer. The Mi Air Purifier powerfully removes viruses and harmful bacteria from the air, improves indoor air quality and keeps the air safe and clean. The purifier comes with an upgraded digital LED display that shows real-time information for PM2.5 values, operating modes and Wi-Fi stats. It works with ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Alexa’, two of the leading virtual assistants globally.

All in all, packed with some cutting edge upgrades, these purifiers will prove to be one of the best in the industry. 

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