Leopard Courier Services; the largest cash on delivery (COD) network across Pakistan

Leopard Courier Services; the largest cash on delivery (COD) network across Pakistan

Leopard Courier Services; is the largest cash-on-delivery (COD) network across Pakistan

Leopard Courier Services. The world has shifted towards convenience and adaptability. The impact of western culture has birthed the concept of cash on delivery as a medium of addressing customer satisfaction.

It has revolutionized courier services around the globe. In response, Leopards Courier Services augmented their Cash On Delivery (COD) service to the optimum level. Their cash-on-delivery services are unparalleled in every regard.

They evolved through the inevitable metamorphoses of technological advancement. Hence, indubitably leaving every competitor behind. Also, mindboggling COD stats of Leopards Courier Services put worth in their words.

In 2020 – 2021, they delivered more than 10 million-plus cash on deliveries. In addition, 20,000 plus cash on delivery accounts were also opened that supported the SMEs. Leopards Courier Services has spread its operation to over 14,000 locations. The COD of Leopard Courier Services is orchestrated with technical intricacies. Their remarkable COD/E-com portal is a class apart. Their website (new.leopardscord.com) allows people to manage their E-commerce businesses according to their convenience. The comprehensive profiles guide the seller to view the account details. These details provide a holistic understanding for the sellers.


Under the sphere of client management, they have appropriate distinctions. Their Shippers management system helps the seller to organize multiple pickups to and from different addresses. The Consignee management system assists sellers to administer their consignee’s database. Furthermore, the management under the booking department focuses on the complete process. The process includes booking a package, record-keeping of the bookings, load sheet details, bulk booked packet history, bulk print labels, bulk cancel booked packet, shipper advice, and dispatch report.

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The user’s tab facilitates sellers to manage admin users with limited rights. They also allow sellers to manage individual bookings. The cheque management system helps the sellers to manage the payment records. Another impressive feature that Leopard Courier Services provides is the option for report management. It includes invoice reports, consignment detail reports, summary reports, the payment received, returned shipments, canceled shipments, and pending shipments. It provides a hawk’s eye view to the seller concerning their financial and process situation.

The API settings of Leopard Courier Services connect the website with the COD portal. These technical dimensions address multiple aspects. These aspects include API documentation, push API documentation, API management, API booked packets, API shippers, API consignee, and API plugin/extension. These features optimize the responsiveness of the website and include the user’s involvement. Moreover, the COD account holders relish the accessibility of the plethora of information that helps in setting their objectives. These COD account holders are initially given access to a dedicated COD portal that gives them multifaceted options over their orders.

These abovementioned amenities by Leopards Courier Services unequivocally distinguished their standards in comparison to others. Customer satisfaction is an added badge that they rightly flaunt at the cost of untiring and rigorous efforts. They have cemented their legacy and successfully transcended it in the contemporary technological era. The COD setup is an active example of consistency, relevance, and responsibility.

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