OPPO launches We Are Ofans – Highlighting Aspiring and Empowered Young Individuals

OPPO launches We Are Ofans – Highlighting Aspiring and Empowered Young Individuals

OPPO Pakistan launches the OFans Stories. This is a celebration of determined young individuals from Pakistan who have a vision for a brighter future. The brand released four inspiring videos of OPPO users. These stories feature a diverse range of aspiring individuals, united by their trust in OPPO’s unparalleled quality & reliability as well as their loyalty to OPPO’s top-notch technology.

OPPO – one of the global leaders in tech, enjoys a very strong brand loyalty in Pakistan due to its cutting-edge and innovative technology. Another factor that makes OPPO a trusted smartphone brand in Pakistan is the affordability and mass reach of their products across the country.

The brand has been in Pakistan for 7 years and has launched many campaigns that highlighted different and diverse stories from across the country. In the past, OPPO has empowered content creators to showcase the unseen beauty of Pakistan in areas like Kalash. The global technology and innovation brand believes in supporting storytellers from different walks of life and has continuously celebrated the country’s emerging talent and untapped potential.

OPPO has always believed in encouraging talent and the company has a strong and loyal customer base in Pakistan because of their high-quality products and years of innovation and experience in creating the most cutting-edge smartphones for their consumers.

Most recently, OPPO highlighted four diverse individuals by sharing their stories with the world, whose lives were changed with the help of their OPPO smartphone.

Each OFan was empowered, inspired and motivated to succeed in their journey by OPPO’s reliability, ease-of-use and futuristic technology. Their stories represent the brand’s spirit of trust and resilience.

The first Ofan story is told by Sara, a young beauty influencer, a mother and a wife. With a passion for makeup, Sara decided to pursue her talent professionally. However, with a family comes responsibility and so it became a struggle. It was only when Sara got an OPPO Reno phone, she realized that shooting high quality videos didn’t require a hard-to-use handy cam nor a time-consuming editing tool. She was able to record high quality videos, edit them directly on the phone and upload them at ease and speed. OPPO gave Sara the freedom to focus on her content without having to worry about quality all the while saving enough time to spend with her family.


The second OFan story featured Farman, a hardworking Pharma student who often found himself sacrificing leisure to focus on his studies. Soon after Farman purchased his first OPPO phone he realised he can concentrate on studies and find ways to enjoy himself simultaneously. His OPPO A-Series device made it easy for him to study on-the-go by managing all his study material in one small gadget. The smartphone also became the perfect companion for when Farman wanted to cut back and relax with an immersive gaming session.

Perhaps one of the most exhilarating stories is the one of young filmmaker Hundal who is following his dream of storytelling but was often struggling to manage expensive filming equipment. With OPPO, Hundal discovered that one doesn’t need high budget equipment such as a professional camera and lights to create extraordinary stories. His OPPO F-Series smartphone gave him top-notch camera results, convenience to carry it anywhere and the resilience of a strong built that could survive all kinds of shooting conditions.


The fourth OFan story was of a young teacher, Iqra who wanted to dedicate her career to the underprivileged students. However, Iqra saw great difficulty in the shift to remote classes during the pandemic. Then she bought the Reno Series smartphone which made it possible for her to give her class from anywhere at any time with clear quality and a seamless performance.

The OFans stories come as a great reminder about the many emerging talents in Pakistan and how OPPO has always been at the forefront of empowering its users. The brand is trusted by millions of users who are loyal to the OPPO products’ unparalleled technology, innovation and reliability.


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