OPPO collaborates with The Colony to promote performative arts in Pakistan

OPPO collaborates with The Colony to promote performative arts in Pakistan

OPPO collaborates with The Colony to promote performative arts in Pakistan

OPPO collaborates in its quest to revolutionize technology for the betterment of humanity has always promoted ways. For its users to connect with each other. The leading global technology brand’s goal of “Technology for mankind. Kindness for the world” is at the forefront again in its latest initiative titled ‘Dance in Portrait’. 

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of many around the world. The OPPO Dance in Portrait challenge highlights the importance of physical health and mental well-being. The last two years have resulted in a global sense of loneliness and isolation and a longing for physical and creative freedom. OPPO collaborates #DanceinPortrait provides a creative outlet to channel those emotions. 

OPPO has collaborated with artists at The Colony Lahore, a performing arts center and creative hub, to create stunning dance performance videos that highlight the emotions of people during this time of hardship caused by the pandemic. With themes such as “I’ll wait here”; “We are not okay” and “When did we stop loving”, these videos, shot on the OPPO Reno 6 Pro, display beautiful and haunting dance sequences performed against a background of rich natural sceneries including the ocean, deserts, and mountains. The freedom of expression portrayed by the dancers in all forms of nature strikes a chord with the audience who can feel the amalgamation of human emotion with the environment. 

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Dance is a vehicle for promoting health in terms of burning calories, improving heart health and flexibility, and strengthening muscles. At the same time. It is also an art form and a way to improve cognitive health because of the use of creativity. Communication and collaboration. Contemporary dance is an important medium for emotional expression. Joining in the #DanceinPortrait challenge are local key influencers & content creators who are using their Reno6 Pro 5G devices to film dance videos and encouraging other OPPO users to take part in this creative contest. 

Using the #DanceinPortrait hashtag, OPPO users can use their smartphones to record dancers expressing their emotions in nature. The OPPO Reno 6 Pro, with its high-quality video hardware and software capabilities, produces polished. Professional level videos that portray the true inner emotions and creativity of those filmed. Dance videos submitted by OPPO users will have the chance to win prizes.

OPPO constantly encourages its users to utilize the technology. In their hands for the betterment of themselves and those around them. The OPPO #DanceinPortrait initiative pushes people to be imaginative and use their creativity in a positive and healthy manner, expressing their hidden emotions and creating a work of cinematic art.  

The main aim for OPPO is to improve the lives of its customers through innovation and engagement. The brand unleashes the creativity of users by providing opportunities to highlight human emotions. Using OPPO devices and the #DanceinPortrait platform, users can connect with themselves and others through the making of high-quality visual content that promotes physical and mental health while reminding us that we are all in this tough time together and will emerge stronger.

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