Infinix Unveils ZERO 30 5G : The Ultimate 4K 60FPS Vlogging Experience Takes Center Stage!

Infinix Unveils ZERO 30 5G : The Ultimate 4K 60FPS Vlogging Experience Takes Center Stage!

Left to Right: Shahzeb Ather (National Sales Manager Infinix Pakistan) Saad Shams (Head of Marketing Infinix Pakistan) Kinza Hashmi (Brand Ambassador Infinix ZERO 30 Series) Joe Hu (CEO, Transsion Holdings) Simon Feng (CEO, Infinix Pakistan)

Lahore, Pakistan — 25th Oct, 2023 — Infinix, Pakistan’s highest selling smartphone brand hosted an unprecedented grand launch of its flagship ZERO 30 Series featuring 60FPS 4K video recording. This monumental event, hosted in Lahore, stands as the crowning achievement of the brand’s unwavering commitment to the Pakistani market, where it has consistently introduced groundbreaking products across all its series throughout the year – and now, the vlogging champion ZERO 30 series.

The anticipated event was attended by an array of esteemed guests representing various facets of the tech, lifestyle, media, and influencer. In a true spectacle, the stunning Kinza Hashmi, the brand ambassador for Infinix ZERO 30 Series, took center stage and unveiled the flagship ZERO 30 Series. She has joined by prominent figures in the Infinix leadership team, including Saad Shams, Head of Marketing for Infinix Pakistan, Simon Feng, CEO of Infinix Pakistan, and Joe Hu, CEO of Transsion Holdings.

The event was an unforgettable fusion of innovation and entertainment, featuring an electrifying musical performance by the youth pop sensation Shamoon Ismail, and a captivating dance performance by The Colony, which added a thrilling new dimension to the evening.

The launch event captivated the imagination of all attendees, as the Infinix ZERO 30 Series promises to redefine the vlogging landscape in Pakistan. The excitement was palpable in the experience zone, where enthusiasts and experts had the unique opportunity to delve into the remarkable features of the ZERO 30 Series, particularly the highly anticipated ZERO 5G.

Saad Shams, Head of Marketing, Infinix Pakistan, shared his excitement, saying, “Infinix’s journey in Pakistan has been nothing short of incredible. With the ZERO 30 Series, we’re taking another leap towards reshaping the smartphone vlogging landscape. This launch event has a testament to our dedication to our Pakistani audience, and we’re thrilled to provide them with cutting-edge technology and exceptional experiences.”

Simon Feng, CEO of Infinix Pakistan, added, “At Infinix, we believe in the power of innovation and community. Our ZERO 30 Series is a testament to our commitment to our consumers in Pakistan. We look forward to setting new industry standards and delivering remarkable products that enhance the everyday lives of our users.”


The event also featured Joe Hu, CEO of Transsion Holdings, who emphasized Infinix’s global vision and its significance in Pakistan’s mobile industry. “Infinix has been fore fronting technological advancements throughout and this event exemplifies our global commitment to innovation and excellence. With ZERO 30 series we aim to enable the audience with a professional video recording device so that they will never have the need to carry any other vlogging device,” said Joe Hu.


The ZERO 30 Series boasts a cutting-edge camera setup that includes 60FPS video recording, 4K video capabilities, dual video view, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). It promises to take mobile photography and videography to an unprecedented level.

Infinix has equipped the ZERO 30 Series with a robust processor that ensures exceptional performance, making it a versatile device for various user needs. The innovative extended 21GB RAM technology ensures that the ZERO 30’s Series provides a seamless and with a curved display, the ZERO 30 Series offers an immersive visual experience, taking entertainment and productivity to new heights.


The launch of the Infinix ZERO 30’s Series has ignited a wave of anticipation among consumers, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts. This flagship series represents Infinix’s relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge mobile devices to the Pakistani market.

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