Pakistani Photographers Enchanted by the Innovation of vivo V29 5G & V29e 5G

Pakistani Photographers Enchanted by the Innovation of vivo V29 5G & V29e 5G

As vivo V series continues to expand, so does the bar for smartphone photography. Like always, the vivo V series has left many speechless because of its spellbinding camera capabilities, gorgeous design, and impeccable performance. The recently launched V29 5G and V29e 5G smartphones in Pakistan are photography marvels in the pocket.

The photographers are awestruck with vivo’s magnificent Smart Aura Light and Smart Color Temperature Adjustment. The eminent photographers and content creators from across Pakistan including Abid Saleem, Fahad Hanif, Ali Awais and Arslan Arif reviewed the imaging capabilities of the mighty V29 5G and V29e 5G.  These photographers tested and evaluated both phones in several situations and shared their experiences.

Abid Saleem, a storyteller who believes in capturing emotions, shared his experience using the vivo V29 5G. He said, “At least one person always ends up ducking to fit in the group selfie but, not with V29 5G. The 50MP AF Group Selfie Camera with 92° Field of View (0.8X) provides room for every smile in the frame capturing pictures with precision and clarity. The auto-focus feature of the camera parallel focuses on each person. Beyond this, when I was taking a group shot in a dark environment, I used the Smart Aura Light Portrait feature, and it gave me the perfect light on my images; I’m amazed to see the Smart Color Temperature Adjustment helped me adjust the ambient light to give the subject a warm light and have the accurate color.” He further mentioned that he has never seen this feature in any smartphone before, “it’s like carrying a studio in your pocket” Abid concluded by this.

Fahad Hanif, who specializes in landscape and street photography, echoed his sentiment for vivo V29 5G, and said, that its gorgeous design is also comfortable to hold for extended periods, which is essential when capturing shots or video footage. Talking about the photography capabilities, he said, “It is a game changer in photography, particularly with distant subjects. The advanced zoom capabilities allow me to capture detailed shots from afar without losing image quality. The color vibrance of the display shows how good the image quality tends to be. Its Smart Color Temperature Adjustment gives the user a wide, warm color range to capture the essence of the portrait. Low light conditions are always challenging, but the Smart Aura Light is a remarkable feature that aids significantly in these situations. In portrait photography, Smart Aura Light provides just the right amount of illumination to enhance the subject without overpowering the natural ambiance of the scene.”

Ali Awais, an avid nature photographer and traveler, said the vivo V29e 5G has been outstanding in different outdoor environments. The design allows him to use it easily without it sliding out of his hand. “As soon as I held the vivo V29e 5G, I knew it would be my go-to smartphone for reviewing my photographs before uploading them to social media. It is the thinnest 5G smartphone in its segment, making it easier to carry all day. Its 6.67-inch AMOLED display screen is perfect for viewing my photographs. On top of that, its multiple lens camera has made my creative process smoother and easier.” The 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera, 8MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera, and 2MP Monochrome Camera give efficient zoom capabilities. He mentioned “Being a regular user of professional cameras, it usually gets annoying to move closer to the subject to take closeup images. The vivo V29e 5G has relieved me from that pain with its impressive zoom capabilities. Be it portraits, street, or landscape photography, I can take close-up images without stepping forward. Images ‘ color accuracy and display quality are important parts of any photographer’s work. Its display effortlessly matches the quality of any professional display that professional photographers use.”

Arslan Arif, the person behind Androon Lahore, who captures the beautiful streets of Lahore, said, “vivo V29 5G is a creative tool that empowers photographers and videographers. As I continue to explore Androon Lahore and beyond, my vivo V29 5G remains an extension of my artistic vision, capturing the beauty of every moment. When the sun sets and the city is cloaked in the minimal light of night, the vivo V29 5G emerges as a low-light champion. The Smart Aura Light Portrait can tackle any dynamic lighting surrounding to provide impressive portraits. It effortlessly transforms challenging conditions into opportunities capturing the beauty of the night with unparalleled finesse. Complementing this, the Smart Color Temperature Adjustment feature enables users to manually control the warmth or coolness of the aura light to harmonize it with the scenario. Whether you’re aiming for a classic look or a modern twist, this feature lets you mold the lighting to match your vision.  It’s not just a phone it’s a creative companion that thrives in any setting.”

With the V29 5G and V29e 5G, vivo has made significant progress toward achieving photographic precision. The rear camera can perform very well in low light and nighttime conditions thanks to the new Smart Color Temperature Adjustment and the innovative Smart Aura Light, which also gives subjects in the photos a flattering aura. The front camera can now take stunning group shots and films in addition to single-person selfies solely due to the enhanced functionality of the 50MP AF Group Selfie and Super Group Video. These developments and other vital performance elements have cemented V29 5G and V29e 5G’s dominant position in front and rear camera studio portraits.

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