Shahid Afridi Addresses Haris Rauf’s Bowling Struggles in PSL 9: A Call for Collective Support

Shahid Afridi Addresses Haris Rauf’s Bowling Struggles in PSL 9: A Call for Collective Support

In a recent interview with a local news channel, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi provided thoughtful commentary on the current bowling challenges faced by Haris Rauf in Pakistan Super League PSL 9. Afridi underscored the need for a holistic approach, advocating comprehensive assistance and mentorship during Rauf’s period of form struggle.

In his statement, Afridi articulated the importance of avoiding marginalization and instead extending support to Rauf. “Haris Rauf seems to be grappling with his bowling, and I find it perplexing. Honest help is crucial at this juncture; the guidance of seasoned players is necessary, and we shouldn’t sideline him completely,” Afridi asserted.

Acknowledging Rauf’s potential and his significant contributions to Pakistan’s success, Afridi expressed optimism about the young bowler’s future improvement. “He has delivered some stellar performances for Pakistan. Rauf’s game will witness further refinement when he engages in longer-format cricket. Our collective support is vital for his current phase,” Afridi added.

Rauf’s recent decline in form, post-World Cup 2023, has been evident in the ongoing PSL season 9. In the match against Islamabad United, Rauf conceded 38 runs in three overs, and in the encounter with Quetta Gladiators, he secured a wicket while giving away 47 runs.

As PSL season nine unfolds, with Quetta Gladiators leading the table with two wins, Afridi’s appeal for unified support and guidance introduces a compelling narrative to the tournament. The remaining schedule of PSL 9 matches promises heightened cricketing excitement, leading up to the playoffs and the grand final scheduled at the National Bank Stadium on March 18, 2024.

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