PCB Decides to Part Ways with Team Director Mohammad Hafeez Following Disastrous Down Under Tour

PCB Decides to Part Ways with Team Director Mohammad Hafeez Following Disastrous Down Under Tour

In a surprising move, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to terminate the services of Senior Team Director, Mohammad Hafeez, following a dismal performance during the recent tour of Australia and New Zealand. Despite his illustrious playing career, Hafeez struggled to bring about positive changes in the team’s performance, resulting in a string of losses.


  1. Unsuccessful Tenure Down Under Mohammad Hafeez was entrusted with the crucial role of mentoring the team during the tour of Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, the team’s performance took a nosedive under his leadership, with Pakistan losing seven out of eight matches. The lack of significant improvements in the short term prompted the PCB to take decisive action.
  2. Overcrowded Backroom Contingent: The tour was marked by an unusual decision to have a 17-member backroom contingent accompanying an 18-player squad. This overcrowded setup raised questions about the clarity of roles and objectives for each professional involved. The absence of a streamlined coaching structure may have contributed to the team’s poor performance.
  3. Lack of Defined Roles and Objectives: Many coaches had their assistants, but there was a conspicuous absence of clear instructions regarding the specific objectives of each professional. This lack of coordination and direction may have been a significant factor in the team’s struggles during the tour.
  4. Clean Sweep by Australia and T20I Series Loss to New Zealand: Pakistan’s performance during the tour was particularly disheartening, with a 0-3 clean sweep by Australia and a 1-4 loss in the T20I series against New Zealand. The team’s inability to secure victories raised concerns about the effectiveness of the coaching staff, including Mohammad Hafeez.
  5. Hafeez’s Diminished Coaching Impact: Nicknamed the ‘Professor’ for his cricketing intellect, Hafeez failed to replicate his success as a player in his coaching stint. Despite his past achievements, including a crucial role in winning the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, his coaching abilities have come under scrutiny following the recent disappointing tour.


In conclusion, the PCB’s decision to part ways with Mohammad Hafeez reflects the board’s commitment to addressing performance issues promptly. The overcrowded backroom contingent, lack of defined roles, and the team’s poor results were contributing factors to this decision. As Pakistan looks to regroup and rebuild, a renewed coaching strategy may be crucial for future success on the international cricket stage.

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