Hafeez Center’s Annual Elections: Fiyyaz Butt of Al-Khidmat Group Elected as President with 477 Votes

Hafeez Center’s Annual Elections: Fiyyaz Butt of Al-Khidmat Group Elected as President with 477 Votes

Lahore, Pakistan – In the annual elections held at Hafeez Center, one of the largest mobile phone markets in Pakistan, Fiyyaz Butt of Al-Khidmat Group has emerged victorious, securing 477 votes to become the new president. This election marks a significant milestone in the market’s history, with a high turnout of voters participating in the democratic process.

Fiyyaz Butt’s victory is seen as a testament to his dedication and commitment to the market’s growth and development. His campaign focused on issues such as improving infrastructure, enhancing security measures, and promoting a favorable business environment. His election promises to bring a new era of progress and prosperity to Hafeez Center, which is home to hundreds of mobile phone shops and thousands of traders.

The election was conducted in a peaceful and transparent manner, with all candidates and their supporters adhering to the rules and regulations set by the market’s administration. The election commission, comprising of neutral and impartial members, ensured that the voting process was free and fair, with no reports of any irregularities or disputes.

Fiyyaz Butt’s victory has been welcomed by the market’s traders and stakeholders, who are optimistic about the future of Hafeez Center under his leadership. His election is seen as a positive step towards resolving the market’s long-standing issues and challenges, and his commitment to working for the betterment of the market is widely appreciated.

In his victory speech, Fiyyaz Butt thanked his supporters and voters, promising to work tirelessly for the development and growth of Hafeez Center. He also extended an olive branch to his opponents, inviting them to join hands in working for the market’s progress.

The election of Fiyyaz Butt as the new president of Hafeez Center marks a new chapter in the market’s history, and his leadership is expected to bring about positive changes and improvements in the days to come.

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