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KXD Mobile Phone Company Treats Dealers to Unforgettable Baku Tour

In a gesture of appreciation and partnership, KXD Mobile Phone Company recently hosted a group of esteemed dealers from Pakistan on a fantastic tour to Baku, Azerbaijan. The event was a resounding success, with participants praising the company’s hospitality and organization.

The tour was packed with exciting activities, including city tours, cultural experiences, and informative sessions about KXD’s products and future plans. Dealers were thrilled to learn about the company’s vision and strategies, and they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to strengthen their partnership with KXD.

Farooq Bhatt, a key official from KXD, accompanied the dealers on the tour and received accolades for his warm hospitality and insightful presentations. The dealers thanked KXD for the memorable experience, acknowledging that it surpassed their expectations.

This event marks a significant milestone in KXD’s commitment to fostering strong relationships with its dealers and partners. The company’s dedication to their success and growth is evident in such initiatives, which will undoubtedly strengthen their bond and lead to future collaborations.

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