ACCA conducts workshop on ‘Business and Finance Reporting for Journalists’ in Lahore and Islamabad


 ACCA conducts workshop on ‘Business and Finance Reporting for Journalists’ in Lahore and Islamabad

Lahore: November 02, 2017:- ACCA actively works on a broad range of capacity-building projects to strengthen accountancy and finance literacy as well as the infrastructure in Pakistan and in this regard conducted two workshops for journalists in Lahore and in Islamabad.

ACCA is committed to delivering public value and has a sound understanding that finance journalists are engaged in ‘public interest’ reporting in the same way that political journalists are and therefore conducted  a workshop on, ‘Business and Finance Reporting for Journalists.’Journalists from prominent media outlets participated in this workshop where ACCA provided specialist training that is needed by journalists for accurate financial reporting.Arif Masud Mirza, Regional Head of Policy-MENASA who conducted the workshop commented, “Accountancy is a profession that works to the very highest standards and improves the societies where it’s present. We invest in development programmes to keep our stakeholders on top of their game and this workshop is our way of delivering value to society. We always strive to demonstrate thought leadership in education, training and ethics.”


The chief guest at the event in Islamabad, Absar Alam, Chairman PEMRA commented, “Finance and business journalists are expected to have a strong ethical approach towards their role and in this regard it is important that they are well equipped in analyzing current economic trends as well as interpreting financial statements so that they can see the wider picture and assume their ‘watchdog’ role in relation to the economy and corporate health.”


Salim Bukhari, Editor The Nation who was the chief guest at the Lahore workshop commented, “Finance journalists have to work cautiously  to uphold public interest and ACCA’s capacity building initiatives will assist them in being ethical and professional in their role and it should also continue in the future.”