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GREE Presents Innovative Air-Conditioning Technologies

GREE Presents Innovative Air-Conditioning Technologies 

Lahore: March 07, 2016 – GREE Electronics is a globally leading brand of electronics and air-conditioners. Its high quality products are distributed in the Pakistan market by the DWP Group. This innovative technology leader is among the key participants at the HVACR Exhibition, held from 3rd to 5thMarch 2016, at the Expo Center Karachi. The Director Sales of GREE China – Mr. Ricky Yin, personally attended the prestigious exhibition in Karachi, along with the Regional Sales Manager of GREE – Mr. Cosmo Iam, the Chief Operating Officer of DWP – Mr. Rizwan Butt and the Country Manager, HVAC Division of DWP – Mr. Malik Tariq. The top executives highlighted the latest advancements in air-conditioning technologies.

Gree has been consistently innovating new technologies to create the best-suited products, in accordance with the experts’ insights and the changing needs of the consumers. Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has created the most reliable air conditioners, to ensure best performance in the country’s environment and climate.There is a rapidly increasing trend in Pakistan market, as the consumers are now opting for Airconditioners based on Inverter technology, which greatly reduces electricity consumption and the overall cost of airconditioning. A research study was conducted in Pakistan recently, in which the data reveals that; Although there are various brands of Inverter ACs available at varying prices, it is evident that the lower-priced Airconditioner brands do not provide the high level of performance and reliability promised by Gree. The most important feature of the Gree Inverter AC is its unique electric module, which contains a microprocessor for controlling the unit’s internal temperature.The low-priced products are not any match for the high-standards of Gree. The consumers should not get deceived by these low-quality products and their false claims. These cheaper products mislead the consumer by making larger-sized indoor units. But technically speaking, they simply enlarge the plastic body and make a bigger evaporator, while the U-bends and cooling pipes remain smaller and give less cooling power.  The motor in Gree AC is more powerful, but consumes less electricity due to better technology. Conventional Inverter PCB technologies require additional cooling from liquid pipes connected to it, whereas GREE Inverter PCB is independent of the Refrigeration cycle. Gree’s outdoor unit is 30% bigger than the competing products, because it has a bigger fan and air-wings.

The surface area in a Gree AC and inverter is bigger and gives a full 18000 BTUS to save upto 60% energy, while also enhancing the life span and efficiency of Gree’s compressors. GREE ACs are also equipped with SMPS power supply and a proper heat sink.It also weighs more due to the stronger materials, and comes with a protection grill. Gree’s bigger and powerful Twin Rotary compressor has more power and its U-Bends are designed to ensure quicker and efficient cooling. The Axial pipes in Gree AC, enhance the efficiency of the compressor, as it works with cool air to maintain room temperature. Gree’s Golden Fin condenser size is also bigger and it converts heat more efficiently, due to bigger surface area.Every buyer of a Gree AC gets a ‘Free-of-cost’ connecting wire that joins the indoor & outdoor units, whereas most other companies do not provide this expensive wire for free. The state-of-the-art remote control of Gree ACs has a back-light display and more features to make it more user-friendly.Gree AC’s are more attractive, with sophisticated designs and a wider array of colors, to blend with any decorative theme in your rooms. So, in the long-run Gree Inverter AC proves to be the most economical product, due to consistent performance and low maintenance costs. Being the pioneering innovator in air conditioning technology – Gree is committed, never to compromise on the quality of its components.

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