Introducing DESTINATIONS: Pakistan’s Premier Travel&Lifestyle Magazineset To Launch Nationwide


Introducing DESTINATIONS: Pakistan’s Premier Travel&Lifestyle Magazineset To Launch Nationwide

[Lahore, 7th March 2016]:Destinations, Pakistan’s premier monthly travel and lifestyle magazine, is set to launch nationwideby the end of March, 2016.The new magazineis premised on the celebration of life in Pakistan and to present to readers and patrons the best of travel and lifestyle within Pakistan and beyond. Destinations brings to light how Pakistan’s rich, diverse culture and landscape addswonderment, amazement and value to the rest of the world.


Indeed Destinations is driven by its mission toinspire people to discover Pakistan, to promote the country’s rich cultural traditions, its culinary delights, scenic beauty and contemporary arts, fashion and lifestyles through features, interviews, visual essays and trend stories and to enable travel by providing in-depth travel guides and expert advice.Publisher and Editor in Chief of Destinations, AsmaChishtyisa former banker across Geneva, Karachi and Hong Kong. In addition to which she has also served as publisher and editor of Privé Asia – a premium lifestyle magazine that curated the best of fashion, art, society and culture from both Hong Kong and Pakistan.With over 12 years of experience in the print media, Mariam Mushtaq isDestinations’ Managing Editor andZahra Hidayatullahthe magazine’s Features Editoris a media person with broad-based experience across print and TV production since 2001.

Destinations is a labor of love. A chronicle of faith in our country. An anthology of writing that focuses on all the best this wonderful land has to offer. It is a platform that not only highlights the beauty of Pakistan through its unique natural wonders, scenic landscapes and rich cultural traditions but also showcases its warm and welcoming people, their contribution to the global order and in general, is a portrayal of the life they lead here. It endeavours to inspire people to Travel Across Pakistan – indeed our slogan. Most of all, this magazine reflects our effort to build an international community of people, bring to prominence real human interaction and provide a medium where inspiring stories of true agents of change can be told. Through Destinations, we present and embrace the finest of Pakistan with style, grace and the light hearted touch that is the fabric of our society.” said AsmaChishty, Publisher and Editor in Chief at Destinations.Destinations will be available across newsstands and on board Daewoo buses and cabs by the end of March, 2016.