Kaymu means Sab Kay mupe Video Launched by Kaymu.pk


Kaymu means Sab Kay mupe Video Launched by Kaymu.pk

287Kaymu is an online store in Pakistan that provides a platform for sellers and buyers. The sellers can easily retail their products and buyers can shop for their favorite products conveniently sitting at home. Kaymu.pk was launched as an online store three years back and since then has gained a lot of popularity. Kaymu aims at providing the best services to their buyers and sellers. Recently the company has introduced its first commercial advertisement. The commercial has been seen on all major cable channels. There is a very catchy new jingle featured in the ad which has captured the attention of many people.The name Kaymu has been made into a pun “Kay mu” which means everyone talks about Kaymu. Thus the tagline “Sab Kay me pe Kaymu.pk” has been created. With a funny jingle, there are different masses of Pakistan shown in just 45 seconds. The video shows how a housewife, father, brother, gardener, local barber and even a leader can easily shop online at Kaymu.

The ad is also creating awareness and encouraging everyone to shop online. A number of time people have asked what the meaning of Kaymu is. Now everyone has the answer and it is pretty funny.

101 Now everyone wants to shop from Kaymu and they will be talking about it with other consumers. There are some special discounts given to people who will like and share the tagline which will make shopping online exciting and fun. Keep an eye out on Kaymu’s social media pages in the upcoming days. Online shopping is not just for one social class, everyone can place their order at Kaymu. Also it is seen in the ad that you can shop online directly from your phones by using the Kaymu app. Despite using a desktop computer or laptop, one can use a smartphone to place an order in the modern technological world. Everyone these days’ has a mobile phone, whether it is the cleaning lady at your house or the local shopkeeper, thus making it possible for them to shop at Kaymu. At the end of the television commercial, the method to place an order at Kaymu is also shown. This way everyone who thought it is difficult to buy online will get to know how easy it is. With one tap you can get all your favorite products delivered to you

anywhere in Pakistan.