Warid Call Packages

Warid Call Packages

Warid Call Packages: Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, and Monthly (Updated 2024)

Gone are the days when people waited for letters, birthday cards, and other greetings from their loved ones. With the advent of mobile technology, staying connected is now just a matter of seconds. Telecom operators, including Warid, have made it easier than ever to stay in touch by offering cost-effective packages. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or anyone who needs to stay connected, Warid has a package for you. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of Warid’s daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly call packages.

Warid Call Packages: Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, and Monthly

Below is a detailed list of Warid’s hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly call packages. These packages are designed to meet various needs and budgets, ensuring that you can stay connected with your loved ones affordably.

Warid Daily Call Packages: Prepaid

Daily call packages are beneficial for students and those with lower wages who need to stay connected for specific days, such as birthdays or other important events. Here are Warid’s daily call packages:

Package Price Activation Code Details
Power Pack Rs 4.99+tax SMS P to 7777 5 on-net mins + 100 SMS + 5 MBs
Pakistan Offer Rs.12+tax SMS PK to 4337 Unlimited calls from 6 PM – 8 PM
Daily Bundle Rs. 30+tax Dial 9911# 200 on-net + 10 off-net minutes + 300 SMS + 30 MBs

Warid Weekly Call Packages: Prepaid

Weekly call packages are ideal for those who love to talk daily and want cost-effective options for staying connected with friends and family. Here are Warid’s weekly call packages:

Package Price Activation Code Details
7 Day Offer Rs 110 incl.tax Dial 997# 700 on-net mins + 70 off-net minutes + 700 SMS + 700 MBs
Poora Hafta Offer Rs.80 incl.tax SMS WO to 3333 100 on-net mins (Mon-Sat) + 250 on-net minutes (Sunday) + 1000 SMS + 250 MBs

Warid Monthly Call Packages: Prepaid

Monthly call packages are perfect for those who want long-term connectivity without the hassle of frequent recharges. These packages offer ample minutes and other incentives, making them a popular choice.

Package Price Activation Code Details
Mahana Offer Rs 520 incl.tax Dial 9933# 1500 on-net mins + 100 off-net minutes + 1500 SMS + 1500 MBs

Warid 3 Day and Hourly Call Packages: Prepaid

In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly packages, Warid offers 3-day and hourly packages to provide even more flexibility:

Package Price Activation Code Details
3 Day Bundle Rs 70+tax Dial 991# 300 on-net mins + 30 off-net minutes + 500 SMS + 500 MBs
Hourly Package Rs.3+tax SMS FIND to 2742 11 PM – 7 PM (Rs. 4+tax/hour) + 7 PM – 11 PM (Rs. 8+tax/hour)
Ghanta Offer Rs.2.99+tax SMS Gh to 3333 Rs. 5 daily charges + 12 AM – 6 PM (Rs. 2.9+tax/hour)

Warid Postpaid Call Packages

Warid also offers several call packages for its postpaid customers, providing extensive incentives for those who prefer a postpaid plan:

Package Price Activation Code Details
All Net Lite Call Package Rs. 200 Dial 991# 1000 on-net mins + 1000 SMS + 1000 MBs
All Net Mini Call Package Rs. 400 Dial 992# 2500 on-net mins + 2500 SMS + 2500 MBs
All Net Smart Call Package Rs. 500 Dial *727# 1000 on-net mins + 250 off-net minutes + 1000 SMS + 1000 MBs
All Net Super Call Package Rs. 1000 Dial *727# 2500 on-net mins + 500 off-net minutes + 2500 SMS + 2500 MBs

Warid J All-Net Postpaid Packages

These packages offer various minutes for a monthly fee, making them suitable for different usage needs:

Package Free Minutes Monthly Rent Validity
J All-Net Lite Package 100 Mins Rs. 100/- Monthly
J All-Net Mini Package 200 Mins Rs. 200/- Monthly
J All-Net Smart Package 300 Mins Rs. 300/- Monthly
J All-Net Super Package 400 Mins Rs. 400/- Monthly
J All-Net Budget Package 500 Mins Rs. 500/- Monthly

Some Add-On Packages

Warid also provides add-on packages for additional minutes:

Add On Free Minutes Monthly Rent Validity
Warid 100 All Net 100 Mins Rs. 125/- 1 Month
Warid 200 All Net 200 Mins Rs. 250/- 1 Month

Warid, a top-ranking telecom service provider in Pakistan, continues to offer excellent call, SMS, and internet packages to its over 50 million users. Warid maintains the quality of its services through integrated technology and modern strategies. The merger of Mobilink and Warid into Jazz has introduced even better packages, making it easier for users to stay connected.

To find complete details of Jazz Packages for Warid, click here.

So these are all the call packages of Warid. If you have more packages to share, let us know in the comments below!

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