Xiaomi provided their Mi TV for a long period of time, but the company made the decision to make things simpler or provide an affordable and practical alternative through its Mi TV Stick. It was essentially small TV boxes that could bring a Smart TV experience to your smart (but not very smart) televisions as well as older monitors that have HDMI. When connected to the dongle to any screen with HDMI can easily be transformed into the status of a Smart TV. After receiving a great reception and a great response, the company is now preparing to reveal the next Mi TV Stick 2021 Edition. The most recent upgrade was discovered in the FCC certification, with the MDZ-27AA model number, with specifications that are in-depth.

Mi TV 2021 Mi TV 2021 passed by the FCC certification process. The primary and most noticeable changes are in the design. This model has a bit distinct in its design and, in the end, it’s a good thing. After all, customers will realize that it’s a new model and not just a hardware update. This isn’t the case regarding the remote control as it appears to be comparable to the previous model. It’s the Mi TV Stick 2021 that comes with the latest downlink technology and faster speeds over Wi-Fi. The device is able to support 866.7 Mbps of downlink through the VHT80 channel as well as 300Mbps uplink through the HT40 channel.


So, viewers will enjoy an unbroken experience when viewing 4K videos, so long as they’re operating on a stable connection. The speeds are more than predecessors. The new device provides 433.3 download speeds of Mbps and 150 Mbps for uplink. The underside of the new Stick comes with an Amlogic S905Y4 coupled with a Quad-Core processor. It has 4 ARM Cortex A35 cores with 16500+ DMIPS, and an ARM Mali-G31 MP3 GPU runs at 850 Mhz. It can render 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with 10 bits.

There are also other noteworthy options, such as support for various codecs. Xiaomi Mi TV 2021 sticks Xiaomi Mi TV 2021 stick will support different codecs such as AV1 H.265 or VP9 P-2 AVS2 4Kp30 and H.264. It will also support H.264. Mi TV Stick also supports HDR10/10+ HLG, HDR10 / 10+, Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos as well as DTS HD. It comes with a power adaptor 5W. In addition, there’s the HDMI extender cable and two AAA batteries to power the remote. The FCC certification indicates that the device is going through the final steps before its launch. Therefore, we can expect it to become official within the next couple of weeks.

The big question is whether it will launch with the Xiaomi the Mi TV 2021 instead of Xiaomi TV Stick. In the end, the company has left the Mi brand to the side.