PTCL records robust performance in FY 2015 with 20% cash dividend

PTCL has announced its annual financial results for the year ended December 31, 2015 in a meeting of PTCL Board of Directors held at Islamabad.


PTCL earned revenues of Rs. 75.8 billion for the FY 2015. Data revenues significantly increased by 12% compared with last year. The Company’s profitability continued to remain stable despite competition, especially in the broadband segment. Gross and net profit of the Company stood at Rs. 22.0 billion and Rs. 8.8 billion respectively. PTCL group’s revenues for the year stood at Rs. 118.6 billion. PTCL cash flows remained healthy and stable in FY 2015 due to continuous efforts to optimize costs  as well as  strong market position. This impetus  continued across all business activities of PTCL including the  fixed and wireless broadband and enterprise solutions.

Walid Irshaid, President & CEO PTCL said, “Our robust results again demonstrate the ability of our diversified line of business to perform to the expectations of our shareholders.” He further added, “PTCL’s performance during the past year is a strong indicator of our dynamic corporate direction, as well as ourcustomers’ continued satisfaction in company’s products and services”.

PTCL has declared 20% final cash dividend, inclusive of 10% interim dividend.

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