Leisure Club celebrates 19 Years!

Leisure Club celebrates 19 Years!

Leisure Club celebrates 19 Years!

[Lahore: 27th April 2014]Pakistan’s first, homegrown western wear brand – one that carved a trail in the retail market for so many others to follow, celebrates its 19th birthday this year.  With its ‘Made Of Pakistan’ core philosophy and drive to be Pakistan’s number 1 family fashion destination, Leisure Club has, arguably, become the most prolific, pioneering and patriotic brand to have come out of Pakistan.

Leisure Club completes 19 Years!

Across its 19 years on the High Street, Leisure Club’s values and retail practices have been of undeniable influence, working to shape the course and trends of the high street fashion retail industry; through its extensive, innovative campaigns, promotions and highly desirable, cross-generational fashion sensibilities, Leisure Club has set a high benchmark for what any respectable fashion retail brand should aspire to be.

With Pakistaniat at the very heart of the brand, Leisure Club has gone on to achieve greatness in scale and won the acclaim and admiration of its loyal customers. They’ve always promoted and collaborated with Pakistani talent, ranging from superstars; in fact, many of today’smodeling superstars such as Neha, MikaalZulfiqar and Mehreen Raheel were all faces of Leisure Club’s campaigns when they were just starting out their careers and, today Leisure Club continues to refresh its dynamic synergies with showbiz juggernauts such as Shaan, Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed and Hamza Ali Abbasi, to name a few.

The brand has worked closely with talented Pakistanis outside of showbiz, too; Leisure Club proudly collaborated with the Pakistan National Women’s Cricket Team as well as the National Men’s Polo Team by creating Formal wear for the former and World Cup Tournament uniforms for the latter.

Omar Zaman, the Brand Director of Leisure Club, has this to say on the brand’s 19th Anniversary: “I was 9 years old when Leisure Club started. I remember being in the very first photo shoot we had. When I think of Leisure Club it feels as if we have grown up together and that those who were responsible for us, gave us all the love and attention that we needed to become responsible and caring members of the society we live in. today, I’m trying to carry forward my father and company’s vision of taking this brand from being a local institution, to a global player that Pakistanis anywhere in the world would associate with proudly”.

Leisure Club started off in 1997 from a humble, 200 square foot shop, to create a space where Pakistani children could have access to good quality, fashionable and affordable western wear that was all made in Pakistan; a thing unheard of in those days.The brand went beyond what it promised to deliver; its growth was explosive and it spread quickly all across Pakistan; it would go on to showcase Pakistani fashion and aesthetic sensibilities at International fashion shows in places like Dubai and Amsterdam; it would set the trend for annual, children’s fashion shows at home and associated talent hunts for the next top child models; it would go on to make a difference in society’s very conscience with award winning civic responsibility/public service campaigns such as ‘Vote for Pakistan’ which went viral and was picked up by the Election Commission of Pakistan as their official video for the 2013 National Elections or Leisure Club’s ongoing campaign “Clothing A Million Smiles”, where Leisure Club aims to collect a million articles of used clothing from its customers, to sanitize, package and distribute them to those that truly need them.

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