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Zong Equips Channel 24 a and City 42 With Advanced 4G Services

Zong Equips Channel 24 a and City 42 With Advanced 4G Services

LAHORE – Zong recently signed a corporate account contract with two popular television channels; Channel 24 and City 42, for the provision of best telecom services to these media outlets.

Niaz A. Malik, Deputy CEO Zong and Mohsin Naqvi, CEO Channel 24 and City 42 exchanging documents after signing MoU along with their teams for the provision of state-of-the-art services to both channels

Subsequently, the personnel of the two news channels would be equipped with Zong’s exceptional voice and data services as well as ESS solutions. The telecom company, being the largest and the only 3G and 4G services provider, and its unmatched 4G portfolio, are the main reasons due to which the two TV channels decided to switch to Zong from their previous service provider.Speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zong Niaz A Malik said the confidence deposed on the number one cellular network by two great news channels is a recognition of Zong’s supremacy in the telecom sector. “It is beyond any doubt that media makes one of the most powerful institutions in our country and rest of the world. The media outlets showing trust in us speaks volume of our company’s unchallenged excellence in the telecom sector. The Channel 24 and City 42 have risen to become widely watched news channels in a very short span of time and using our services would help them further in the accurate, timely and effective discharge of their professional responsibilities.”CEO Channel 24 and City 42 Mohsin Naqvi said the technological advancement has enhanced the need to empower media on digitised lines. “Media has become a vibrant public opinion-making tool and a reflection of society. With this kind of importance attached to infotainment, it is essential to be at par with unfolding trends of technology for the speedy and authentic dissemination of news to viewers. I am positive that Zong would live up to our expectations and it would greatly assist Channel 24 and City 42.”

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