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Four Apps That Will Save You from Translation Hassles In a Foreign Country

Four Apps That Will Save You from Translation Hassles In a Foreign Country

To visit a country that speaks an alien language is a nightmare for most of us and for some very viable reasons. Although English is gradually becoming a global language and is easily understood and spoken in most of the countries, there are still a lot of countries where it is rarely spoken or understood. Hence, you simply cannot afford to make at least some sort of arrangement to take care of translation requirements when visiting a foreign country.

No doubt, there’s no replacement for actually learning the language, but these mobile applications can surely be of great help if you don’t have much time on you to learn a foreign language. Find out the following apps compiled by Jovago Pakistan that will tremendously help you to suffice in the land of foreign language.

  1. Google Translate

This Google’s browser-based translation tool is simply a blessing for all the travelers. It is available for both android as well as iOS users. It allows you to not just type out text, but also lets you to use the camera and speak or write with your finger on the screen.

  1. I translate version

The translation accuracy of this app would simply make you spell-bounded! This app provides you the convenience of translating over 40 languages. It also offers the feature of reading out loud using your own voice and can therefore prove to be a bang for your buck.

  1. Microsoft Translator

 Unlike the above two apps, this one is available not just on android and ios phones but also on the windows operated phones. In addition, this is the only app offering offline language packs free of cost!

  1. Translator Speak and Translate Pro

This app is only available for all the Android users and is definitely worth acquiring for frequent and avid travelers. This app specializes in providing real-time translations of over 100 languages. Additionally, this app provides you an option to save some of your phrases that can be accessed  even without any internet connection.


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