Advantages of Post Sumer AC Service & Checking for Preventive Maintenance Explained by Gree Experts

Advantages of Post Sumer AC Service & Checking for Preventive Maintenance Explained by Gree Experts

Advantages of Post Sumer AC Service & Checking for Preventive Maintenance Explained by Gree Experts

Lahore: 6th December, 2016 – Most people don’t bother about their A/Cs until there is a trouble and by the time the problem is identified you find yourself in a great trouble and probably encountering some costly repair to be done. Gree Air Conditioner keeps your living comfortable and cool throughout the hottest months. It is said “Air conditioner gradually loses its performance every year without proper maintenance”. Keeping a regular schedule for A/C maintenance will keep your unit energy efficient and will benefit you in more ways than one.


Improves efficiency

When it comes to cooling or heating your home, keeping up your Gree AC efficiency is a major concern especially during the summer season since your A/C is in use most of the time and that too, everyday. This means your A/C is working really hard and if it isn’t properly maintained, it components might start to fail and your cooling costs along with the consistent temperature in your home may start to rise.

Saves money of repair expenses

It’s a common perception that regular A/C maintenance requires spending extra money but truth is just the opposite. By having a scheduled maintenance of the air conditioning unit on regular basis, saves your money in the long run. 50% of your energy bill is credited to your cooling costs and if your A/C is working harder to maintain cooling of your home than it should normally, you might notice increase in electricity bill month after month. Also, giving it the required attention will not only save you from costly repairs but will extend its life.

Maintaining Your Warranty

To keep the warranty intact, the owner is required to have the A/C regularly tuned-up as many manufacturers’ warranties become void because of failure in maintaining regular check-ups of the appliance. But always get you Gree AC checked by authorized Gree technical team to keep your warranty safe.

Consistent Cooling/Heating

Unfortunately inconsistent cooling/heating is one of the side effects of an improperly maintained air conditioning unit. When working properly, your air conditioner should consistently maintain stability in the desired temperature through all rooms. All your A/C requires is a little maintenance to keep your home cozy round the year.

Extends life of unit

Buying an A/C is a huge investment made and the person want it to work as many years as it possibly could. Its check-up on regular quarterly intervals could have years of cooling/heating power that otherwise has been neglected. A properly maintained A/C could last almost up to 15 years!

 When to get your A/C Serviced

It is recommended that Gree AC inspection and maintenance should be done atleast once a year. Scheduling it post summer time will keep the cooling/heating maintained in your home, all seasons. This maintenance includes detection of water leakage, inspection of refrigerant levels and amp draws, capacitors, motor, contractors, checking of AC drain line for any clogs, cleaning ducts and last but not the least and highly important for your overall AC system and your family’s health, is to have Air filters changed. Clogged filters should be removed before switching off unit in winter season.

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