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MCB Arif Habib Savings celebrates Mother’s Day at the SOS Village

MCB Arif Habib Savings celebrates Mother’s Day at the SOS Village


Karachi, May 18, 2017: MCB Arif Habib Savings recently arranged an activity at the SOS Village Karachi to pay tribute to their ‘House Mothers’ and to spend quality time with the resident children. This being part of the Mother’s Day celebration was a means to encourage employees to play their part into becoming socially responsible citizens thus getting acquainted with life at the SOS Village.


The daylong session had a number of interactive activities planned that aimed at keeping children entertained while also paying tribute to the persevering housemothers who are assigned to run each household at the village. The fun filled activities included musical chair, face painting, magic show, and a singing competition to name a few.


“As part of our Mother’s Day celebration, we ensured that motherhood is celebrated and mothers highlighted even beyond our own circle of life. This is why we saw the SOS Village – Karachi as a favourable destination for our initiative where we decided to bring the housemothers into limelight for all that they are doing for these children, thereby giving them the love and care they rightly deserve,” said Mr. Saqib Saleem. CEO, MCB Arif Habib Savings, “Hence, having our employees witness this warmth and spend a day of their life with these families has not just left a lasting impact on them but has also encouraged them to play a meaningful role in these children’s lives.”


Staff members of MCBAH who volunteered to be part of this activity visited the different households and gained an in-depth perspective of life happening at each house where children study, play, grow plants, and assist their mothers for their daily chores. They also spoke to these housemothers’ to gather insightful information and successful stories of motherhood that is a norm at the SOS Village. They paid tribute alongside the children to these mothers through various other activities, also by awarding the Super Mom sash to mothers which was followed by a cake cutting ceremony.



MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investment Ltd is a result of a strategic merger between two leading Asset Management companies of the country, created in June 2011 when sponsors of Arif Habib Investments Ltd and MCB Asset Management Company Ltd decided to join hands. Carrying the trust of more than 70,000 investors, MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited is one of the pioneers and innovators for many firsts, as an Asset Management, Investment Advisory and Pension Fund Management Company, managing Open-end Mutual Funds and Pension Funds amounting to over Rs.71 Billion (as on 30 April 2017).



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