TPL Maps Launches Pakistan’s First Urdu Digital Maps

TPL Maps Launches Pakistan’s First Urdu Digital Maps

TPL Maps Launches Pakistan’s First Urdu Digital Maps

Karachi, August 18, 2017: TPL Maps, Pakistan’s first digital mapping solution continues to roll out innovative, user-driven capabilities on its next generation mobile app services. With its latest release, the company unveiled “TPL Maps Urdu”, a detailed mapping service in the national language “Urdu”. TPL Maps localization of map content is on demand by a large population of those users who prefer localised content over any other language. The customized solutions and enhanced features in Urdu language will play an integral part for individuals and corporations.

The updated maps with Urdu language support will show user’s the name of city, localities, roads, as well as popular points of interest such as public parks, hospitals and schools, all in Urdu language. To access the feature, consumers will have to enable Urdu as their preferred language in the app menu on their device. This Urdu language feature is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms and what makes it more exciting for consumers and start-up’s is that it’s free.

These new Urdu Maps can be customized and integrated in Banks, FMCGs, cab-hailing services, handset manufacturers and other service oriented sectors. Furthermore with this new feature businesses will get the opportunity to build their own branded digital maps that can be used within their products. SME segment can benefit largely from this feature to target the consumers and offer services in the local language – Urdu.

Speaking at the occasion, Adeel Hashmi, Head of TPL Maps said, “Considering the literacy level in the country and the increasing usage of smartphone, we have been working on Urdu maps for consumers over the past few months. This is the first step towards Urdu adoption and we have many more local language features coming soon to TPL Maps. We are confident that Urdu Maps will enable the masses to navigate with even more convenience via our TPL Maps,”

“Urdu Maps is a gift for our consumers on the occasion of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary, while maps localization remains the core of our strategy,” he further added.


TPL Maps has been resolute to bring the most innovative, localized location based services & solutions for its consumers in Pakistan. While it constantly updates its data within the mapping and navigations service, it also offers the largest geocoded dataset and smart search amongst a host of other features.

In order to check out this feature the consumer needs to update TPL Maps on your smartphones and follow these simple steps:

  • Open Menu Bar on TPL Maps app
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Language
  • Get your localized destinations in Urdu
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