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EcoStar States Suitable Height for Screen Wall Mounting

EcoStar States Suitable Height for Screen Wall Mounting

Lahore: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 – After getting LED TV buyers seek major problem of wall mounting. Mostly the real confusion in mind is what should be the most comfortable height of mounting LED.

EcoStar aims to provide helpful information and step by step guidelines to its consumers.

EcoStar states solution to the problem which is being faced by its consumers. EcoStar LED TVs are available in multiple numbers of sizes so the ideal mounting height varies with size of LED. Anyhow there is a simple method that can be practiced to determine this measurement.

Issue of Mounting LED can be resolved by adopting a simple method. Tip for spacing between LED TV and ground level is that, as generalized positioning is LED’s center should be aligned with eye level. But there is a standardized limit that Distance from ground to Center of LED should be between 24 inches to 42 inches as viewers comfort zone varies with height of viewer. This measurement is subjected for ideal distance just to enjoy the real feel and getting better viewing experience

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