Small Pakistani Businesses Now Diving into Online Shopping

Small Pakistani Businesses Now Diving into Online Shopping

Small Pakistani Businesses Now Diving into Online Shopping

With the increasing internet access to Pakistani citizens, e-commerce is popping up as a front runner in the shopping industry. E-commerce has revolutionized the shopping experience for the customers by being of ultimate convenience to them. This factor can be considered as the leading cause in the rapidly progressing e-commerce scenario in Pakistan. Earlier, e-commerce was not quite popular among the Pakistani society considering the fact that only a limited amount of population had access to the internet. According to a research conducted on this particular matter, every minute, 26 new people are getting internet access in Pakistan. The trend towards online shopping is further being increased with the introduction of 3G and 4G services.Customerscan now readily buy the gadgets they need right from the comfort of their own homes since e-commerce sites such as Goto and Getnow have upgraded the whole shopping experience.

The Encouraging Prospects of E-Commerce in Pakistan:

E-commerce in Pakistan has become prominent owing to the online shopping websites like and This blossoming trend towards online shopping has been creating a demand in the market for small businesses to open their online shopping portals. The customer experience which was filled with traffic jams and long queues in the retail shops is now being replaced with efficient online shopping system. The products of a certain company are displayed on their website where customers can choose and buy them through online money transfer. The existing companies are seeking the services of cash on delivery and branchless banking for the purpose of monetary transactions. With the help of delivery portals, such as Leopards and TCS ,the product is conveyed to the doorstep of a customer who does not have to move a single muscle.

Role of Social Media:

Social media is playing the role of an assistant to these online shopping portals in the domain of advertisement. Considering the accessibility of social media websites to a common user, this advertisement plays a vital role. The recent boost in smartphone usage among the population of Pakistan has made the social media accessible to a relatively bigger chunk of the society, helping and supporting e-commerce.

By Means of Mobile Apps:

The introduction of mobile apps by some of these online shopping businesses has made it even more accessible for customers to shop from the comfort of their home. The traditional ways of shopping seem to be exhausting and time consuming when the option of shopping through websites is available.

As the time progresses and e-commerce becomesin demand across Pakistan, more and more businesses are diving into online shopping culture to facilitate their consumers. An example of how rapidly online shopping is becoming favorable can be seen in terms of Black Friday Sale which has been introduced and made excessively well-known by these electronic shopping forums in Pakistan.

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