CVE through Media Product Development

CVE through Media Product Development

CVE through Media Product Development

From 01 – 07 January, 2018, Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History & Literary Heritage held a seven day training workshop aimed at providing frontline professional media product development training with a deeper understanding of the violent extremism & terrorism and the role of media in countering it. This workshop held at Information Service Academy here in Islamabad.


Mr. Shafqat Jaleel, Additional Secretary for Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National History & Literary Heritage also graced the closing session of the workshop, she stated that “Government of Pakistan is working on esteemed national policies on de-radicalization, and on combating violent extremism in all its forms. This project “Pakistan Peace Collective” under which we all are here is initiated years back to address these issues though research and communication strategies.”


Through this highly interactive and practical workshop, more than thirty students of media studies from a range of universities had not only got the opportunity to learn about but also to share and reflect on what tools and strategies can be most effective to make media products on the subject of CVE (Counter Violent Extremism).


Participants to the training were representatives of a wide range of universities from all over the Pakistan respective to their regions, including Quetta, Karachi, Gilgit Baltistan, Bahawalpur, Lahore, Malakand, Peshawar, Islamabad & Rawalpindi.


Throughout the different sessions, the trainers’ approach consistently relied on different case studies and developed a platform for sharing good practices for supporting the creation of CVE media products. Some case studies including Faizabad Issue, Short Interview with Inayat ullah Tiger (Constable in Bomb Disposal Unit KP Police), were used to apply theory to existing and diversified contexts.


The different phases of the workshop focused on Media, Social & religious narratives on terrorism and extremism, Media perception on terrorism, story visualization & development, script production and practical project on short profile production.  On the other hand, participants also contributed their experiences in interactive session with regard to their regional diversities and issues.


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