Telenor ‘iChamp2’ – successfully delivers digital awareness training to schools across Pakistan

Telenor ‘iChamp2’ – successfully delivers digital awareness training to schools across Pakistan

Telenor ‘iChamp2’ – successfully delivers digital awareness training to schools across Pakistan

Islamabad – February 16, 2018: Telenor Pakistan  launched the latest installment of its flagship program ‘iChamp’, dubbed as ‘iChamp-2’ to leverage internet as an effective learning tool for school children, besides training them on staying safe in the virtual space all the while. The latest installment saw an unprecedented upswing in scale and scope of the program. It will be broadcast on leading electronic channels for widespread awareness.


Telenor Pakistan first launched the iChamp program back in 2014 to deliver on its long term pledge to foster a more connected generation. It aims to equip Pakistani students with basic knowledge of mobile and data technology to help them advance and educate themselves for better future prospects.


In the 2nd iteration of the program which ran in 2017, Telenor collaborated with Free Basics by Facebook, to provide students free access to an online information portal featuring 17 educational websites through Telenor 4G data connection. In addition, the program trains children on staying safe against instances of cyber bullying, online abuse and harassment through internet.


The iChamp2 program has trained over 630,000 students across 1800 schools nationwide, teaching and training them on how they can make effective use of mobile technology to advance their learning skills. It covered schools from Gilgit to Karachi. Over 80 percent of the participating schools were government- run schools that usually lack access to the latest modes of technology. The iChamp-2 competitions will be broadcast on GEO Entertainment and PTV Home for widespread awareness about constructive and safe use of internet.


iChamp runs on the idea of hunting an ‘Internet Champion’, who is ready to adopt data and cellular technology for changing their life and also sets aspirations for fellow students and the society. Participants competing for the title will engage in various educational activities using Telenor 4G data and enjoy hands on experience of technology.  Telenor Pakistan will award scholarships to top 12 participants, showcasing exemplary performances. Cash reward of PKR 1 million, PKR 500,000 and 300,000 will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders respectively to fund their studies. Last year six students were selected to receive the scholarship.


“Telenor Pakistan has been making relentless efforts to further its long term vision of bringing digital enablement to society.” CEO Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan said. “iChamp program being extension of the same commitment, focuses on the responsible and safe use of  internet for advance learning by accessing thousands of online resources. Following our efforts towards empowering our society and connecting them to what matters most, our relentless commitment continues in the same direction with passion that will help nurture a responsible digital generation.”


Telenor Pakistan has a strategic ambition of ushering in a digital revolution in the country for enhanced enablement of people. The iChamp program furthers Telenor Pakistan’s vision to ‘Empowering Societies’ and contribute towards reducing inequalities – in line with the company’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10.


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