50% Increase in Mobile Use Observed for Online Shopping in 2017

50% Increase in Mobile Use Observed for Online Shopping in 2017

50% Increase in Mobile Use Observed for Online Shopping in 2017

A Smartphone is a compulsory part of everyone’s life nowadays. The life without a phone seems impossible because our daily life runs through it. It has replaced our wrist watches, calendars, planners, telephones, and other mundane items. Since it is easy to access the Internet on mobile phones, people prefer it more for online shopping. According to a survey report, the use of smartphones for shopping online increased up to 50% in the year 2017 throughout the globe. This trend is expected to rise even more in 2018.

What Does the Research Say?

Due to ease in use and convenient accessibility, 50% of the world’s population prefers mobile phones for online shopping. These are the results of the year 2017, which are expected to further accelerate in 2018 as well. Before 2017, the majority of such population was using laptops for shopping online. People used to complain about the small screens of mobile phones and said they were unable to see things clearly. However, some of the population preferred their smartphones even before 2017. The trend of using mobile phones was rising and it amplified magnificently in the last year.

Moreover, the researchers also claim there is 6% rise in the buyers who use mobile phones for online shopping every year. This means it will take decades for smartphones to replace desktops and laptops for online shopping altogether. In Pakistan, large online marketplaces such as Yayvo as well as recently launched online stores such as GetNow and BuyOye have observed a major increase in the use of online shoppers at smartphones.

Why 50% of the Population Use Mobile Phones for Online Shopping

There is a 50/50 ratio of the people who use mobile phones and those who still stick to their laptops for online shopping. This means, there is still a large number of population that doesn’t like to shop via smartphones. On the other hand, half of the people in the world do the opposite. Let’s assume the latter ones and analyze the reasons.

According to a research conducted in Ireland, people in the country are consuming around 850,000 Euros each hour on the web.  Half of those consumers use their mobile phones for the purpose. The reason why people use it excessively for shopping is it’s easy for them. Everyone has a smartphone in his pocket and it takes seconds to take it out and place an order. Other than that, the mobile phone apps keep you updated with the incoming stalk of your favorite store. It saves your searching time as you are updated on everything without asking. You can easily choose something by looking at the recently uploaded collection showing on your screen. Furthermore, you can shop from anywhere and at any time you want. You don’t have to take the pain of going out or keeping a laptop with you. You can browse through the list even after the evening workout while relaxing in the park or lying on the bed before sleeping. The point is it’s easy to use!

What is more, you can download an app and it will keep you updated with the latest activities of your favorite store. A mobile phone has become the most compulsory part of our lives; therefore, shopping through it is feasible and accessible.

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