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Car First Launches Quality Control Units

 Car First Launches Quality Control Units

LAHORE, 9th March 2018: CarFirst, the leading platform for buying and selling used cars, is now launching Quality Control Units at each of its warehouses in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

A vehicle goes through a 126 point inspection at the time of purchase, and afterwards goes through yet another 99 point QC review before it reaches our online auction platform for auto dealers and strategic partners. Both times, our inspectors use On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) devices to gather the most accurate data about the exterior and mechanical condition of the vehicle before it is made available for auction to our partner network.


Over 800+ nationwide partners can peruse the inspection results in as much detail as they wish before placing their bids, and can evaluate the vehicle based on its actual condition rather than sheer speculation and market trends. Our innovations on the supply side will influence the way used cars are bought and sold across the entire value chain, ultimately benefiting end customers.


CarFirst is breaking new ground to bring the used car market up to global standards of transparency and reliability. The key challenge is to solve the customer’s current dilemma where they are unable to reliably gauge the condition and value of a used car. We aim to address this gap by ensuring the supply of quality vehicles through our dealer network. The foundation for these improvements is the strength of CarFirst’s internal quality control (QC) system, where real-time data, analytics, and modern tools have allowed us to raise our service standards to a level unmatched in the local market.


Commenting on this thorough and detailed approach, Hasan Malik, Head of Quality Control said: “QC is critical as we ensure a CarFirst inspected vehicle makes its way to an auto dealer or end customer with complete transparency. We are fast approaching the day when customers know that CarFirst’s used vehicles are of a higher standard and sell at fair rates.”




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