Ufone’s ‘Bano Achai ki Misal’ campaign draws attention to two admirable individuals

Ufone’s ‘Bano Achai ki Misal’ campaign draws attention to two admirable individuals

Ufone’s ‘Bano Achai ki Misal’ campaign draws attention to two admirable individuals

Karachi, May 30, 2018: Honoring the values of kindness, sharing and charity, Ufone organized an event to highlight the work of two exceptional Pakistani individuals under their Ramazan campaign ‘Bano Achai ki Misaal’. The gathering’s aim was to showcase the work of Mrs. Farzana Shoaib, founder of Binte-Fatima Old Home and Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib, founder of Akhuwat, giving bloggers and media representatives a chance to personally interact with these extraordinary people and hear their inspiring stories.


Distressed by inequality in society, Dr. Saqib had the vision of creating a poverty free society built on the principles of compassion and equity. A development practitioner, philanthropist, writer and a former officer in public service, Dr. Saqib and a few of his friends got together to form Akhuwat, a non-profit organization  that has now become one of the world’s largest Islamic Microfinance Organization.  “Our concept was borrowed from the tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), who said that the best way to end poverty is not through charity but through sacrifice and adoption. He (PBUH) suggested that a wealthy person should enter into a relationship of brotherhood with a poor person and then help that person through a bond of association instead of giving dissociated charity.”


With an equally touching story, Mrs. Farzana Shoaib set-up Bint-e-Fatima Old Home Trust, a shelter for women who are in need of caretakers. A self-motivated woman, Mrs. Shoaib, formerly a housewife with no formal education, takes great solace in her faith, believing that serving the needy is her duty in life. “I am happy to provide the best care that I can for these women, and I now feel like they are my children.” Mrs. Shoaib lives on the same premises with the residents of Bint-e-Fatima, choosing to remain in close proximity. “Our first condition is that we will all live together because that way we can care for them properly.” She wishes that other people, especially the youth comes forward and does more to ensure that the elderly in our society are better cared for.


Ufone through its campaign has always stressed on highlighting small gestures of kindness and small deeds of goodness that have left a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. The campaign highlights how small acts can go on to take shape of large-scale initiatives and inspires other to replicate these in their own communities building a society based on brotherhood and compassion. Both of these exceptional people, like Dr. Saqib and Mrs. Shoaib, are glowing examples of how one committed person can impact the lives of many by taking a small act to a large-scale initiative.


Hoping to create greater awareness of the remarkable work being done by both these people, and to kindle a spirit of generosity in others, Ufone is supporting these admirable people and their institutions. Ufone TVCs featuring Dr. Saqib  and Mrs. Shoaib are already airing on local TV channels and another TVC highlighting all the individuals showcased during the last two years.


Through similar campaigns in the last few years, Ufone has worked with institutions like Rizq, a social entrepreneur project in Lahore, Khana Ghar, seeks to provide food for the needy in Karachi, Wall of Kindness and Operation Eid Child.


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