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Telenor Pakistan gives more power to customers through industry’s first Customer Integration Lab

Telenor Pakistan gives more power to customers through industry’s first Customer Integration Lab

ISLAMABAD – June 04, 2018: Telenor Pakistan has developed an industry-first customer integration lab at its campus – 345. Greater integration of customer feedback and suggestions for constant enhancement of its products and services through its new Customer Integration Lab will reinforce Telenor Pakistan’s positioning as one of the country’s most customer centric businesses. For the first time in Pakistan’s telecom industry, the in-house lab will help Telenor Pakistan test its products and services with chosen customers at the Telenor Pakistan headquarters ‘345’.

The learnings of user experience testing performed at the Customer Integration Lab will be used for identifying pain points and areas of improvement and generating ideas for innovation that will work towards introducing practical and desirable products and services to deliver further enablement to the customer. Previously, Telenor’s product/service testing was conducted externally by third-party agencies but now the facility has been developed in-house to increase efficiency and ensure maximum customer feedback so respective product/service developers at Telenor can interact and listen to their customers firsthand. This interactive testing will also help Telenor explore fresh avenues for futuristic products, processes, and services that are designed around constantly evolving customer demands to serve them better than ever before.

To test products and services like digital services, mobile apps, websites & services portals, and GSM products like USSD menus, touch-points and user journeys, users will be selected by a third-party agency based on the customer profile shared by respective Telenor Pakistan Departments. The selected users will be invited to Telenor’s Customer Integration Lab where they will be given the product or service to use and register their feedback. Depending on each department’s needs, user can also be interviewed in a one-on-one sitting or a focus group to generate feedback and suggestions for the offering. The lab will be open to all Telenor employees from any part of the organization to be used for interactive testing of their products and services.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Telenor Pakistan,” said Bilal Kazmi, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan. “The wide variety of industry-leading products and services we offer today was only made possible by understanding our customers and effectively responding to their changing needs. The launch of Customer Integration Lab is an extension of our passion to serve our customers better by making them a direct part of our product’s development and testing phases and generating valuable firsthand feedback.”

Transforming customer experience has been a priority area for Telenor’s business. From serving customers through 289 technologically advanced walk-in centers across the country, to boosting its social media customer care, and from taking to the streets to talk to customers on Customer First days to the recent introduction of 24/7 Self-Service Booths in major cities of Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan has always put customers first in all its operations.


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