Telenor Pakistan gives a sneak peek into its innovators playground

Developing and promoting a workplace environment that is enabling, inclusive, and flexible has been a priority for Telenor Pakistan. This focus on transforming the way people work is amongst the key factors that have helped Telenor emerge as one of the country’s largest telecom service provider and the primary digital lifestyle partner.
The company employs an innovative approach to encourage its people produce the best out of their skillset which keeps evolving with time. The new brand video displays Telenor’s work environment that is a vibrant mix of sophisticated technology and professional mentoring that stimulates employees’ creativity and helps them come up with bright and impactful ideas.

What sets Telenor apart from the rest in the industry in terms of workplace culture is the way it encourages employees to stay curious and explore new ideas with confidence. Employees are empowered and get all the flexibility and freedom to contribute their best to the company’s growth. Most importantly, everything employees do at Telenor Pakistan is directly linked to its mission of empowering the Pakistani society, making their work truly meaningful.

The video shows an open and diverse culture while displaying an agile way of work. Telenor Pakistan, as an employer, encourages an entrepreneurial mindset, enables employees to invest in product ideas, constantly provides expert mentoring at all levels, and provides space for professional exploration that sets it apart as one of Pakistan’s most preferred employers.

The video can be viewed here:

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