LSO Conference – PPAF Financing Sustainable Development and Community Building in Balochistan

LSO Conference – PPAF Financing Sustainable Development and Community Building in Balochistan

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) held a half-day conference in Quetta for developing strong linkages between duty bearers and community institutions in Balochistan. The objective was to empower Local Support Organisations (LSOs) to strengthen socio-economic development through PPAF’s Tabeer-o-Tameer Fund initiative. The project supports the development of community driven institutions through consistent financial and technical support, in order to facilitate initiatives for sustainable development in Balochistan.

The LSO conference was attended by government officials from Balochistan including; Secretary Environment, Mr. Saboor Kakar, Secretary Education, Mr. Noor Ul Haq, Director General, Research, Agriculture, Balochistan, Dr. Javed Tareen, and Chief Engineer, Planning and Design PHE Department Mr. Javed Ahmad.

Mr. Tahir Malik, General Manger – Institution, PPAF, Innovation and Integration, welcomed the participants and shared the progressive role of community institutions in the development of society. He highlighted the opportunities that the PPAF’s Tabeer-o-Tameer Fund is offering to help strengthen local communities at the grass roots.

LSO representatives shared the progress and development plan with the provincial administration for sustainable development in their respective areas.

Addressing the conference, Honorable Secretary Education Balochistan, Mr. Noor Ul Haq said, “There is only one formula for development and alleviation of poverty, i.e. the provision of education. No nation can develop and escape the vicious cycle of poverty without education.” He discussed the role of the Government of Balochistan in improving the literacy rate in the province with an estimated budget of more than 60 billion allocated for education. He stressed the need for each teacher to leave no stone unturned in shaping the hearts and minds of students to help secure the future of the province. Secretary Environment, Mr. Saboor Kakar thanked PPAF for proposing solutions for problems affecting local communities, and expressed his commitment to work with LSOs to formulate plans that can better address issues of local communities.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Javed Ahmad, Chief Engineer, Planning and Design PHE Department addressed the challenge of water scarcity and the water-poverty nexus. He discussed the mitigation measures being taken by the Government of Balochistan to opt for workable solutions to resolve the issue with a vision to resolve the water crisis by 2030 in Balochistan. He said that there are currently five dams proposed in Balochistan for countering water scarcity. He also mentioned that water from existing resources is being channeled to improve the supply of water in the province in order to counter groundwater depletion. He thanked PPAF for its efforts in empowering local communities.

Dr. Javed Tareen, Director General, Research, Agriculture, Balochistan in his address stressed on the need for exploring the agricultural potential in Balochistan to uplift the state of the provincial economy.

In her closing remarks, Chairperson, PPAF, Ms. Roshan Khursheed Bharucha emphasized on the need for local communities to step forward and take charge of their destiny by sheer will, hard work, and by ensuring inclusion of women in the process of developmentShe ensured PPAF’s continued support for local communities to alleviate poverty in Balochistan.

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is the apex institution for community-driven development in Pakistan. PPAF works as private sector organization in support of public policy, by providing an array of financial and non-financial services to the poorest and the most marginalized communities across Pakistan.

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