OLX, the No.1 App in auto classifieds and CarFirst, a leading used-car online auction and trading platform,brought their second OLX CarFirst CarBazaar to Lahore at the Expo Center Lahore on the 18th of November 2018. The OLX CarFirst Car Bazaar brought thousands of car seller and buyer together.


The OLX CarFirst CarBazaar was a delight for car enthusiasts who participated in instant buying and selling of cars. More than 400 plus Cars were inspected on that day out of which numerous people sold their cars to www.carfirst.com . Over 8000 people showed interest in the OLX CarFirst dealer’s car inventory. For the first time in Pakistan cars were traded via a 15 minute live auction through which sellers got an offer to sell their car which fascinated car owners at the event.

Joining OLX and CarFirst’s commitment to better the used car trading, the CarBazaar had PSO as its main sponsor supported by TPL Insurance which was offering 20% discount exclusively for the event. Other sponsors like Al- Haj Faw Motors, Daewoo Battery and FoodpPanda also provided great additions to the event. City 42 & FM 103 were TV and Radio media partners respectively.

Raja Murad Khan, CEO, and Co-Founder of CarFirst said, “Following the success of our OLX CarFirst CarBazaar in Karachi, which was attended by more than 10,000+ people, and in response to our customers and partner dealers popular demand, we were happy to bring Car Bazaar to Lahore. We were happy to see thousands of car owners participate in a first of its kind, used car live auction at the Expo.  ”

Ammar Hassan, Head of Marketing of OLX Pakistan said, “Looking at people coming in such volume is a true depiction of successful event and we were overwhelmed to see such a response in Lahore. OLX will continue to bring such events along with other services to facilitate our users in Auto category. We are soon launching OLX CarPro which is a car inspection service for our users in Auto category. The new OLX app will open the door to a new era of classifieds in Pakistan”.

CarFirst is a first of its kind used-car online auction and trading platform, with a nationwide network of purchase centers and warehouses. CarFirst was founded in 2016 and has been the recipient of the largest Series A investment in Pakistan from FCG, and the largest Series B investment from OLX Group. CarFirst aims to revolutionize the way cars are traded in Pakistan by offering comprehensive solutions for all things related to cars, such as evaluation, certification, financing, insurance, live auctions, and many more. We aim to keep adding value across the customer’s journey, improving efficiency and transparency at every milestone of the car trading process.

OLX is the world’s largest online buying and selling platform powered by a team of 5,000 people, working on 17 brands, from 35 offices across five continents and 40 countries. In Pakistan, OLX is the No.1 Marketplace across 14 different categories. OLX gets more than 150,000 car listings every month/5000 in a day; which is 10 times bigger than any other player operating in Pakistan making it undisputed market leader. OLX generates more than 20 Million page views in a day having 5 million App downloads. Over 50,000 conversations take place daily on OLX with an ad being posted every 2 seconds A research study by Nielsen stamps this fact by indicating 87% awareness and preference level of OLX in comparison with any other tech company operating in Classifieds and Shopping category of Pakistan. According to SimilarWeb, OLX is Pakistan’s No.1 web platform (local domain/Engagement/Traffic).

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