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Akhuwat , Unilever Pakistan join hands to champion transgender rights

Akhuwat and Unilever Pakistan have come together to champion transgender rights and inclusion in the workforce. Together the organizations aim to provide dignified employment opportunities to members of the transgender community whilst also creating safe work environments that enable them to grow professionally. 

Akhuwat will serve as a bridge between Unilever and the transgender community by leveraging its relationship of trust with key Trans influencers and activists. Akhuwat will also support the company with sensitization for employees and co-develop capability building programs for potential Trans employees. 


By engaging stakeholders within its value chain, Unilever has enabled employment for 18 transgender at its warehouse. Shazia Syed, Chairperson and CEO, Unilever Pakistan, said “We are working with our partners to extend opportunities for dignified employment, safe workspaces and independence to the Trans community. This is an important step in our journey towards a diverse and inclusive corporate ecosystem in line with Unilever’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. 


Nazir Tunio, Director Akhuwat Sindh, also acknowledged the importance of the partnership, “Akhuwat is pleased that Unilever has taken this initiative as this will serve as an example for other organizations to follow suit. As a model based on knowledge-exchange this partnership will enable members of the transgender community to enter the mainstream corporate sector and further Akhuwat’s vision for their progress.”


Dr. Amjad Saqib, CEO Akhuwat, said, ‘Akhuwat khwajasira Support Program mission is to restore the dignity of khwajasiras through Social and Economic integration. What Unilever Pakistan has offered to our members is a life changing opportunity and would prove to be a catalyst for other MNCs operating in Pakistan. Khwajasiras are the most marginalized community and need a fighting chance in life.’




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