Ab Chalayga EcoStar: the #1 AC Inverter that offers affordability and amazing features

Ab Chalayga EcoStar: the #1 AC Inverter that offers affordability and amazing features

In order to keep your customers engaged, a company should be really creative when it comes to creating ads. The better your advertisement, the more people you will attract towards your products. Recently, such has been the case with EcoStar who have been creating really clever DVC’s (Digital Video Content) for their new air conditioner series, the G Smart Series.


Save like a pro with EcoStar!

EcoStar has been very innovative while creating the G Smart Series.  First and foremost the AC Inverter technology allows you to have up to 60% savings in your monthly electricity bill. This is made possible with the low power of only 150V that it uses which brings about a very significant reduction in your bill.

Let the AC maintain and take care of itself

The G Smart Series also has a feature of flowing cool air in every direction. This allows each and every corner of the room to be uniformly cooled, which helps in its temperature maintenance feature. This makes things easier for the user as you don’t have to change the temperature of the room every now and then to maintain temperature.

What else can the G-Smart Series really do?

The features list doesn’t end here. Bringing innovation through their products, EcoStar has equipped the G-Smart Series with brilliant features that have undoubtedly kept the users in awe. Here are some of the other features of the G-Smart Series.

  • Bigger 1 Meter Indoor & Outdoor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 5w Stand By
  • Low Voltage Running 130V
  • Self-Cleaning Evaporator
  • Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser
  • Multi Health Filters
  • High Strength of 15% from other Indoors
  • Double Layer Air Louver (Cooling & Heating)
  • Power Off Memory (Indoor Temp remain Same When Unit is restarted)
  • Intelligent Defrost
  • Quick Cooling & Heating
  • 4D Long Air Throw upto 50 Feet
  • Backlit Remote Control
  • Super Quiet Noise Level 18dB


EcoStar advertisements – Innovative products & Innovative ads

EcoStar has recently come out with multiple digital videos that seems to be going viral and attracting customers towards their new G Smart Series.

They brought to light some common problems faced by people these days and related them to their air conditioners. They emphasized on the fact that by saving up on your electricity bill, how could you really use the money that you save up? In one DVC they suggested that the user may take a trip with friends or family with the money that they save up, this would also help them easily manage their expenses.

Another DVC used the theme of friendship and how one can strengthen their bond of friendship by the use of the EcoStar G Smart Series, they implied that you could save up and buy your friends expensive presents like a diamond or so.

Another common factor is that people always want to sit in front of the AC for direct air. They showed that the new G Smart Series has the ability of 4D Air Throw that is able to direct its air in directions that are normally not possible for air conditioners.

They also related to normal mechanical issues of air conditioners like power usage and usual servicing of the AC by showcasing their amazing features of low power usage (at only 150V) that saves up on your electricity bill and the Environmental Protection Coating that keeps the mechanism inside clean so you don’t have to get your AC serviced often.

With all these brilliant features and these incredible advertisements, people are bound to buy the G Smart Series as it is a very wise investment and their air conditioners will definitely last longer than other air conditioners because of its reliability. So for sure, “Ab chalayga EcoStar”!

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