Are You Ready To Win?

Are You Ready To Win?

Are You Ready To Win?

Xiaomi Pakistan is once again all set to surprise its Lovers and Customers, this time Xiaomi Pakistan has decided to launch its one the most anticipated and most eagerly awaited smartphone in Pakistan. Xiaomi has a big surprise for its customers this time, a surprise that no one has ever seen in the market.

On this Sunday, 10th May at 4:30 PM, the protagonist of Xiaomi and successor of monarchs Redmi Note 9S will make its debut in Pakistan and we are sure that like its predecessor it’ll receive a massive response and love from our Fans and Lovers.

So the date is 10thMay, 2020 at 4:30 PM, live stream of online launch event will be published on Xiaomi Pakistan and Facebook pages. Flash Sale of Redmi Note 9S will start from Monday on, so be ready as is offering free bundle offer of  Mi Band 4 along with Redmi Note 9S to first limited number of customers.

Redmi Note 9S is the successor of one of the most successful series of Xiaomi that has made its mark globally, Note series is known for its reliability and for superior features in average prices, the recent predecessor Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro has already proved itself as monarch of the market and that’s why from the date of its launch till today we’ve not witnessed a dip in its demand, these achievements of its predecessors make have set massive benchmarks for Redmi Note 9S and that of we are sure it’ll not only meet but set new height records for its competitors.

Note series is known for its superior features and that’s why when it comes to Redmi Note 9S features we ask you that what to expect from Redmi Note 9S?


Smartlink technologies has vowed to provide its customer irreplaceable aftersales services. Smartlink Technologies is the official partner of Xiaomi in Pakistan.



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