OPPO’s #HowFastCanBe hits 70M+ views as TikTokers join the Bandwagon to win OPPO F15

OPPO’s #HowFastCanBe hits 70M+ views as TikTokers join the Bandwagon to win OPPO F15

OPPO’s first-time collaboration on Tiktok has resulted in garnering massive interest amongst the audience, which allows the people to participate in the TikTok challenge #HowFastCanYouBe. Furthermore, 15 lucky winners will get a chance to win OPPO F15. The campaign became an instant hit on TikTok and managed to gain more than 70M+ views in just a matter of a few days, where quirky TikTokers made their videos to the catchy beat uploaded by OPPO.


The challenge began with Asim Azhar and Zara Noor Abbas showcasing their lightning-fast dance moves. Soon after the launch, the #HowFastYoucanBe challenge took the social media by storm with different celebrities and top-notch TikTokers hopping on the fun bandwagon and challenging their friends. Famous TikTokers like Momin Saqib, Fariha Asghar, Tasfeen, Meerub, etc. took the challenge to a whole new level with their exceptional dance skills, each adding their special touch to make their video stand out. Even kids are stepping in enthusiastically and showing their adorable dance moves.


The joyful tone and format of the TikTok challenge resonate well with the new TikTok generation giving rise to the interactive trend of dancing at increasing speeds. By allowing users to create their content, the users are becoming a part of the OPPO community and becoming advocates of the brand.

This is the perfect chance to get your hands on the sleek and stylish OPPO F15 furnished with all-round powerful camera experience, battery life, and an advanced screen.

If you have not participated yet, you still have time as the campaign will be ending on 21st June. It’s time to feast your eyes on the biggest TikTok challenge ever.

For more information visit: https://vm.tiktok.com/obeBQF/ f



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