OPPO F17 Pro With Its Diverse Photography Modes Is Sure To Bring Life To Every Shot You Take

OPPO F17 Pro With Its Diverse Photography Modes Is Sure To Bring Life To Every Shot You Take

OPPO has unveiled its latest smartphone, the F17 Pro, that is a stellar camera powerhouse, allowing users to flaunt stunning portrait shots with its 6 AI portrait cameras that power up AI-powered portrait features. A 48MP wide-angle quad-cam system and front dual depth cameras work to amp up the clarity and quality of pictures. Your social media photos will look nothing short of professional now!

AI Colour Portrait

Flaunting brilliant and creative portrait shots is possible now with AI Colour Portrait, a feature that gives portraits a unique splash of color while fading out the background in a stylistic frame. Using the AI algorithm, F17 Pro can differentiate between the people in the frame and the cluttered background and apply separate filters to distinguish the two so that you can add a flair of creativity to your photographs.

AI Night Flare Portrait


Taking portrait photos during the darker hours is usually a tricky business, but that’s no longer the case. The powerful night flare portrait mode on the F17 Pro allows you to transform low light portraits into sensational night-time masterpieces with its flared light effect.

AI Night Flare Portrait combines a bokeh effect and a lowlight HDR algorithm to brighten up photos in a dimly lit environment. Suited for night-time city shots, the bokeh effect superimposes artistic lens flares that make evening portraits more dynamic. It also enhances skin tones to make the subject look their absolute best.

AI Super Night Portrait


The powerful processing of the AI Super Night Portrait allows you to capture clear selfie portraits even at night. Designed for low light conditions, OPPO F17 Pro aggregates a series of AI algorithms including HDR, which instantly captures and combines a series of frames at various exposure levels to produce gorgeous results in low lighting.


AI Super Clear Portrait

You won’t miss any details when capturing a portrait photo by using AI Super Clear Portrait mode. Even after capturing a blurry shot of one’s face that seems to be missing a facial feature or two, F17 Pro uses AI facial reconstruction technology to fill in the gaps. Thanks to its proprietary deep learning technology, the most minute of facial details like an eyebrow can be enhanced or reconstructed to ensure clearer portraits.

AI Beautification 2.0


In its 2nd generation, AI Beautification 2.0, is customized for Pakistani beauty preferences, which preserves natural skin tones, while accentuating eyes so that they’re fuller and more pronounced. AI Beautification 2.0 also works to fill out men’s beards and eyebrows.

Dual Lens Bokeh


Bokeh is a pleasing and aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blur, which adds that extra oomph in a photograph. With OPPO’s F17 Pro, it’s easy to capture the perfect creative selfies by adding bokeh effects to a portrait photo with the dual-lens bokeh. To achieve it, OPPO F17 Pro uses both software and hardware-based solution to run depth image processing on its second 2MP Depth Camera and 16MP main camera.

The F17 Pro’s cutting-edge design uses an optimized mainboard, battery, and other components that all fit into an ultra-lightweight, and ultra-sleek body. It comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB of in-built storage, which is extendable up to 512GB. Not only that, but it also comes with 30W VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology, which boasts 4-hours of talk time with just a 5-minute charge!

A key player in camera quality innovation, the F17 Pro is a prime example of the go-to phone camera for all your needs. It is available in two captivating colors to perfectly complement your vibe; Magic Blue, and Matte Black.

The F17 Pro is available in the market as well as on OPPO’s website. Book it online now, with just a few clicks!


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