The 15 Female Led Startups All Set to Compete at the She Loves Tech Pakistan 2020 Finale

The 15 Female Led Startups All Set to Compete at the She Loves Tech Pakistan 2020 Finale

The world’s largest startup competition has finally completed its eight virtual rounds in ten different cities of Pakistan while exploring through Pakistan’s female-led startups. The great news is that the competition is now approaching its finale and everyone is excited to see who is going to make a win in She Loves Tech Pakistan 2020 finale. Before we take this excitement to the next level, we need to learn about the winners who have finally made it to reach the final of the world’s largest startup competition.

Meet the finalists of SLT 2020 Pakistan as they are all set to hit the finale with the hope of competing with a passion for making a difference in the development of the society.

Ayesha Nasir with her startup ‘Scary Ammi’ is doing wonders to assist all desi mothers at best. Whether it is about learning or networking, guidance or products and services, Scary Ammi is making it possible for every mother to achieve.

Eesha tur Razia Babar is another champ with her project ‘Shama-e- Zindagi’ that systematizes the process of monitoring patients in ICUs as well as in CCUs. This project is to assist the nurses and other medical staff by dividing their burden. Similarly, Bisma Ejaz is working on something remarkable as ‘Mobiliti’ with its name depicting the aim of this project. The idea is to provide affordable yet state of the art prosthesis, orthosis and other devices assisting the mobility while contributing towards generating employment opportunities for differently-abled people.

Komal Memon is working on ‘AgriTech’ that is smart assistance for the farmers and landlords for optimizing agriculture crop production as well as cultivation.

Another most important project led by Haya Ansari is ‘Aagah Initiative’ that is the need of the hour to cope up with the street harassment issues in Pakistan. To ensure that the females of our society stay safe when they go anywhere outside, Aagah Initiative is based on a technological mission to dive deep into the social threats related to street harassment.

To make the learning easiest for the scientists and engineers in Pakistan, Tooba Waqar has come up with her project ‘Aiyin’ that will help in creating virtual environments with simulation and ‘gamified learining’ experience.

We have observed that the females in the society of Pakistan are taking it seriously to contribute towards the health sector on technological grounds. So here we have another champion, Saira Siddique, with her project ‘HomeMediq.’ As the name suggests, this is the country’s first-ever virtual hospital providing healthcare services for everyone 24/7 through mobile phone applications.

Hira Irshad’s ARPUS Technologies is aiming to establish the first medical equipment manufacturing company of Pakistan. The idea is to manufacture high tech equipment that is Safe, Reliable, and Affordable.

As e-commerce industry is proliferating in Pakistan, SyedaNayab is working on her project ‘Nayab Rogue’ that is a B2B and B2C e-commerce company offering items at discounted rates to small or medium-sized businesses around the world.

‘Technoknowledge’ by Romana Rafi is all about innovative programming platform for early age students with the concept of “creative computing”.

If you are looking for a reliable marketplace to have all-natural and organic products, then Areeba Zehra brings you ‘Live Natural’ platform that is differently contributing while making you have a natural lifestyle. Besides, Sara Khan has been working on her project ‘The Red Code’ with the aim to improve health and hygiene, specifically for women in Pakistan with the development of eco-friendly and affordable hygiene products.

To empower education and research sector technologically in Pakistan, Sarah Ashraf is going to compete with her project ‘Rinder’ that is a globally-accessible digital platform aiming to facilitate access to research mentorship. Similarly, ‘Alif’ is another global learning platform by Aruj Khaliq succeeding with the motto to enable, innovate & educate by honing ability, skills & knowledge.

As we know that culture is the backbone of any society, so DeedarMengal is someone who is on the mission to revamp the essence of cultural handicrafts to provide employment opportunities in rural areas of Baluchistan.

In this era, the significance of data is increasing with every passing day in all sectors. The analytical approach towards any business and data analysis to generate better results while planning out the strategy in accordance to the statistical values. Maria Ata is calling it ‘Love for Data’ with her startup that is an emerging predictive analytics company. Love for Data is working with different businesses by utilizingpublicly available data and incorporating it with organizational data to come up with actionable insights.

CIRCLE brought She Loves Tech back to Pakistan for the fourth time with the support of HBL and UNDP. Over 250 applications were received for the SLT 2020 competition out of which 15 startups were shortlisted for the finals. She Loves Tech Pakistan 2020 takes pride as the world’s largest platform for the female-led startups that will be making a difference in the society of better development of the country.

Catch us live with the national finals live on the 6th and 7th of November from 6 PM to 9 PM and witness the emerging women entrepreneurs of Pakistan while marking a win in this competition.



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