This New Year, OPPO Service Day is with you

This New Year, OPPO Service Day is with you

Date: OPPO Service Day was held at authorized service centres. With the theme of 2021 Be with you, OPPO has prepared multiple surprise services for its users. On the 10th of each month, OPPO conducts OPPO Service Day in more than 20 countries and 300 service centres around the world. At present, more than 10,000 users have enjoyed the privileges of OPPO Service Day.


Let’s see what activities are there:

Service is more than repair

OPPO believes that service is not just about repair and hoped to make people feel warm with excellent services. So, on OPPO Service Day, in addition to enjoying the basic maintenance discount, visitors also got a free drink to welcome them. In order to make it easier for users to arrange their time, OPPO service centres extended their business hours on OPPO Service Day. Moreover, all OPPO users enjoyed free cleaning and software upgrades on this day to renew their phones.

OPPO Service Day is by your side

In Pakistan, OPPO Service Day covers 16 service centres, and the number of participants reached 1618 currently. In the future, more service centres will join OPPO Service Day, so that more OPPO users can enjoy the privileges of service day near home every month.


The story of the user on OPPO Service Day

OPPO also highlighted the story of its user, Ms. Sonia who visited the OPPO Service Centre in Rahim Yar Khan on November 10, 2020. She was worried because her OPPO F17 battery cover was damaged.


She removed the back glass herself for safety purposes. The next day she visited the local market and tried to find a new back cover but was unable to do so. After that, someone guided her to visit the OPPO service centre.


The customer visited the service centre and informed their representative about her issue with the back cover of her device. OPPO’s staff welcomed her. The CRO listened to her whole situation and guided her about their OPPO service day. Ms. Sonia was surprised to get a 10% discount, kudos to OPPO Service Day on all spare parts and accessories including free cleaning. As her phone was repaired, she enjoyed a cup of tea.


Within 1 hour her device was fully repaired. Ms. Sonia commented on the quick service, “I am very satisfied with OPPO’s services, and 10% discount just made my day. I’m glad that I came here instead of getting it repaired from the market. Thank you for the cooperation and prompt”.


Avoid the risk of the epidemic, safe accompany


OPPO always considers user’s safety as its topmost priority. The company organizes activities and sets business hours in strict accordance with government requirements. The staff of the service centre is required to wear a face mask and check body temperature, clean and disinfect the store every day, and provide hand sanitizers to the customers for use.  OPPO being an active member of our society also donated 6.2 Million to Prime Minister COVID-19 Relief Fund.


If you want to experience OPPO Service Day, come to the nearest service centre on the 10th of every month and enjoy the additional benefits including 10% discount on repair, IoT parts along with free cleaning, update, labour cost and drinks!


Look up the event address:

Hotline number :0800-0-6776

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