Ministry of IT Telecommunication

Ministry of IT Telecommunication

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Amin-ul-Haq has said that whether it is everyday items or use of telecommunication and the internet, the problems of consumers are solved when they are only aware of their rights make efforts to solve them. He said this while addressing the 4th Consumer IT and Telecom Conference as a Chief guest at a local hotel in Karachi

He also mentioned that the consumer should know the right direction

The event was organized under the Consumer Association of Pakistan which was attended by Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, Chief Executive Universal Service Fund Haris Mehmood Chaudhry, Chief Executive of Zong Network Wang Hua, and other important personalities from various walks of life.

The Federal Minister for IT lauded that, the conference addresses the issues consumers are facing, he also acknowledged, “With regard to the IT and telecom sector, I assure all consumers on behalf of my ministry that all their grievances will be resolved as soon as possible.”

He continued saying, “We are also taking steps to further reduce this response time. In this regard, Pakistan Telecom Authority has set up an effective mechanism where Consumers can register on it and will get a quicker response”

Syed Amin-ul-Haq said that, on Friday, he had asked the people of Hyderabad at the inauguration ceremony of Software Technology Park in Hyderabad that if mobile users are facing any signal problem in any part of the city, they should report it within 48 hours. Their complaints will be addressed.

He admitted, “Customers across Pakistan are using mobile networks and are also facing some problems”

The Federal Minister for IT said that “under our Universal Service Fund, we are working on various projects and investing billions of rupees to provide mobile connectivity and internet services to remote and backward areas of the country.”

“We want the number of mobile and internet users across the country to reach 100% as soon as possible” added he

He said that due to the efforts of the Ministry of IT during the last two years, the number of mobile subscribers across the country has increased to more than 178 million while the number of broadband users has increased to 95 million which is a result of tireless effort on these projects.

In his address on the rapid development of the IT sector in Pakistan, Syed Amin-ul-Haq said that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Thursday between the Pakistan Software Export Board, a subsidiary of the IT Ministry, and the Pakistan Stock Exchange to increase the business and investment opportunities of IT companies by promoting the listing trend of IT companies in the stock market.

While inviting local investors on the occasion he said that “the biggest benefit of this will be that foreign investors will be attracted towards it, the Federal Minister said.”

“Local investors should be part of the digital world and invest in the IT and telecom sector as it is the only sector in which the loss rate is negligible while the rate of return is even higher than expected.”

Wang Hua, Chief Executive Officer of Zong Network, said in his speech, that “as the digital market grows and its potential grows, the process of digitization is the key to today’s economic growth.”

According to Wang Hua, the role of the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication under the Digital Pakistan Vision is impressive, Zong is playing its full role in the process of digitization in Pakistan.

Earlier in his welcome address, Kaukab Iqbal, Chairman of, Consumers Association, apprised the participants of the association’s long struggle for the protection of consumer rights and said that we are happy that since Syed Aminul Haq joined the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication. The problems of the consumers in this sector are being solved fast.

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