Facebook has new ways to Create Leads and Connect with Customers

Facebook has new ways to Create Leads and Connect with Customers


Facebook has launched new tools for businesses that assist in generating leads and connect with customers through many platforms.

It has launched new paid and free business tools that are designed to assist businesses in finding new customers and interact with them in a variety of ways.

Additionally, It announced new features to be released in the coming year, which are in the process of being tested.

This is a summary of the latest and coming to its updates for businesses.

Click-to-Message Ads Update

It has updated its click-to-message advertisements, which invite users to connect with businesses via Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp.

Businesses can now invite customers to connect with them on any of the messaging platforms on which they are able to chat regardless of whether they’re owned or operated by Facebook or a third party.

Facebook hasn’t provided a precise list however “all” is an all-inclusive list of messaging applications that are available for smartphones.

The Facebook advert will be redirected to the chat application in accordance with where the conversation is most likely to occur. It is likely that it will open an app which the user is most likely to use?

Start WhatsApp Chat from Instagram

Facebook is expanding its integration capabilities through the release of a new feature that combines WhatsApp along with Instagram.

Businesses are now able to include the WhatsApp click-to-chat option to the Instagram profile. This could encourage more customers to interact with businesses, especially in the event that they prefer WhatsApp over Instagram’s DMs.

In the near future businesses will soon have the option of creating ads that link to WhatsApp directly through the Instagram application.

Request a Quote through Messenger

A brand-new feature on Facebook allows businesses to invite customers to ask for a quote.

Businesses can personalize their request form by choosing the 4-5 questions consumers should ask prior to sending an email.

The client can get a quote from a company on Facebook by filling out a quick survey on Messenger.

The new feature is in the process of being evaluated with selected advertisers.

Leap Generation via Instagram

Facebook will test organic and paid tools to assist small-sized businesses to identify leads and then qualify them directly through the Instagram application.

This could create a reason to use Instagram as well, and Facebook declares that it will be the most cost-effective method to get leads as compared to other solutions currently in use.

Testing Features

These features are under test. There’s currently no release date for all of them, however, Facebook does rigorously test such things prior to releasing it to all users.

Changes in the Facebook Business Suite

The features are now being included in Facebook Business Suite, which is a web-based, free dashboard that manages Facebook and Instagram activities from one central location.

  • E-mails: Facebook is testing the possibility for organizations to manage email through the Inbox application, and also send remarketing emails using Facebook Business Suite.
  • File Manager: Facebook Business Suite introduces File Manager the latest feature that lets businesses create, manage and publish content.
  • Post Test: Facebook is making post-testing available within the Business Suite to let businesses try out and test different versions of posts to see which is more likely to interact with.

Work Accounts

It is currently testing a different kind of account known as an account for work, which allows users with business interests to sign in and access Business Manager without requiring a personal account.

Companies will be able to manage the accounts of their employees. They also will get access to enterprise-grade features such as one-sign-on features.

Facebook will test accounts for work through the rest of the year, with only a few businesses. It will expand the availability in 2022.

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