OnePlus10 will launch the first “unified” OS merging Color OS and Oxygen OS

OnePlus10 will launch the first “unified” OS merging Color OS and Oxygen OS


The inevitable is now coming to fruition. OnePlus10 is merging Oxygen OS and the Oppo Color OS to create a “unified and updated worldwide operating system.” In an event that was attended by Android Authority, the company has confirmed that its forthcoming flagship device, expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022, most likely it will be the OnePlus10, will be the first phone with the new operating system that is integrated.

“Oxygen OS” and Color OS completed a codebase integration in the month of June. This marks the start of the process to build an operating system that is unified for customers across OnePlus as well as Oppo. The new unified experience will be launched first on the flagship 2022 model and will then be extended to other devices across the globe with the big Android update coming in 2022.” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau stated in the press conference.

OnePlus’ latest blog post also confirms that the “unified” operating system is set to replace Oxygen OS entirely, at most on the flagship phones. We requested OnePlus whether the OS will be renamed, however, we didn’t hear back from the company.

At present, OnePlus says, “After careful review and consideration, we’ve made the decision to combine with the Oxygen OS as well as the Color OS groups to develop the future software experience.” The rationale behind this decision, the company says is the fact that it has seen both operating systems coming together on the basis of user experience.

Gary Chen, the head of Oxygen OS will oversee the worldwide unified operating system.

What is the new unifying OS have to do with OnePlus users?

The latest announcement by the company goes back on its previous statements of Oxygen OS and Color OS will be separate on all global OnePlus devices. This might not go down well with OnePlus enthusiasts however Lau hopes to ease concerns by claiming a smooth and easy experience on the brand new OS.

“I am convinced that the new operating system will retain the spirit from Oxygen OS that a lot of you love while providing you with a better experience across the board. Of course, OnePlus has a unique user base, so we’ll tailor the unintended OS specially designed for OnePlus devices to ensure that it is up to your expectations,” the executive wrote in his blog post.

The announcement suggests that we may be seeing some differences in software in the OnePlus as well as Oppo phones however we’ll know this when it comes out.

Which phones will be getting the new operating system, unified?

Alongside its forthcoming top-of-the-line phone OnePlus confirms that their new operating system unified will be accessible for the OnePlus 8 series. In addition, it will be available to those who own the series of OnePlus 9 flagship phones.

The company has not made any specific commitments to bring the new OS to previous OnePlus phones. However, they will receive Oxygen OS updates in line with the company’s initial commitments.

There’s no information on the new uni-directional OS coming to the OnePlus Nord or R series devices. These devices could get an update but we’re not sure it will be available for the first.

Oppo flagships that will be launched in 2022 will also feature the latest unified OS.

In the meantime, the company informed Android Authority that it will release Oxygen OS 12 shortly after the scheduled Android 12 launch. OnePlus devices will be able to run boot loaders with unlocked locks for as long as they are available.

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