Zonergy, along with the Punjab Government signed the CSR Program agreement to improve the local Community

Zonergy, along with the Punjab Government signed the CSR Program agreement to improve the local Community

This venture is expected to help promote Solar Energy Solutions and scale up the lives of people of the people in Bahawalpur, South Punjab

Islamabad 30 Sep 2021 September 2021Zonergy is one of the most renowned Solar Energy Solutions Company, under its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative has worked in partnership with Government of Punjab, Energy Department, to construct the 3 x 100 MW primary Solar Power Plant located at Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur within the CPEC framework. The signing ceremony took place by the Minister of Energy Punjab which formalizes the project.


3×100 MW from this project of 9×100 MW in three phases has been completed and was awarded the Luban Award, the highest prize in construction work in China. The total cost for the initial phase was 3.125 billion Yuan. The Zonergy 9×100 solar power project is spread over 4500 acres. Zonergy implements the project through the IPP model. The cost of the first phase is USD 460 million. The project is classified under the CPEC “Early Harvest” project.

This solar power plant of 300MW up to date has produced more than 2 billion unit’s power and meets the energy requirements of more than 200 000 households. The project has created more than 3000 jobs in the hands of Pakistani Nationals. In addition, Zonergy trained more than 100 Engineers and offered the opportunity to students from the University of Engineering & Technology & Islamia University Bahawalpur regarding Photovoltaic Technology.

In the future, as well, the project will also provide an annual internship program to Bahawalpur’s public sector colleges and solarization of two Makhdoom Rashid Degree Colleges (25+20 KW) and solarization of the higher secondary education Bhaili Multan (15KW) and installation of a 05 KW solar power plant during emergency situations at two hospitals in Bahawalpur and Multan in the process of developing two Resource centers to train on RE/Solar technologies at universities in Bahawalpur and Multan Installation for the solar energy plant in Bahawalpur Victoria and Nishtar hospital (320+180KW) as well as the construction of a water filtration system at any site suitable to be located in Bahawalpur.

In the ceremony of signing, Chief Secretary Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said that, with the government’s focus on renewable energy and the goal to establish a self-sustaining state, it is the perfect time to look towards solar-powered energy. The joint partnership in partnership with Zonergy on the project to build solar panels in Bahawalpur is a major milestone for the company to build a sustainable energy portfolio as well as a huge leap toward a better future for the nation. This is in line with our mission to bring progress while leaving a lesser potential carbon footprint. We are delighted to work with Zonergy due to its advanced technology, EPC capabilities, operations, and maintenance support.

Vice President Vice Zonergy Xu said today the renewable energy sector is witnessing an increase in momentum. The sector is dedicated to providing environmentally sustainable and affordable energy to all. We believe that if Pakistan’s renewable energy resources are unlocked this could change the nation’s energy infrastructure to be led by sustainable energy sources. We are looking forward to our continued partnership with the Government and Stakeholders as well as the public and, in turn, contribute to the security of Pakistan’s energy. It’s not just about energy solutions, but also people. We have a CSR program that will carry out CSR initiatives in the interest of the residents in Bahawalpur & South Punjab keeping in mind the best international practices.

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