vivo V23e Offers Features That Will Revolutionise the Way You Look at Selfie Smartphones

vivo V23e Offers Features That Will Revolutionise the Way You Look at Selfie Smartphones

Vivo V23e Offers Features

Vivo V23e Offers Features, Smartphones are no longer limited to mere tools of communication. Thanks to brands like vivo, the smartphone market has undergone a revolution with great innovation and upgradation that not only compliments today’s lifestyle but also allows users to achieve greatness with the best-in class features. And vivo is now ready to set another milestone with the latest launch of vivo V23e Offers Features exquisite like 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera, 64MP Night Camera on the rear, 7.36mm Ultra Slim AG Design, 44W FlashCharge and much more!

Let’s talk in-depth about one of the most magnificent features of V23e – its brilliantly designed camera.

Equipped with a 64MP Night Camera on the rear allows users to capture stunning high-resolution pictures. It also features Bokeh Flare Portrait allowing users to capture great depth and crystal focus in their picture creating sharp contrast and vibrance. 

Furthermore, the Super Night Mode enables users to capture perfectly illuminated pictures even in the darkest environment. The features perfectly use the specialized algorithm and smart effects to capture pictures with sharp focus, vibrant contrast and a wider angle in every environment.


Capture Beautiful and Authentic Portrait


The vivo V23e boast a high resolution 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera with integrated. Eye Autofocus that captures images quickly and clearly even in fast moving situations. The camera offers various inbuilt modes and technology designed to capture crystal sharp pictures in every environment. Eliminating all limitations imposed by low light surrounding, heavy motion and other factors.

AF + Eye Autofocus – The AF camera mode smartly adjusts the focal length automatically allowing users to capture the focus on the subject super-fast. And the advanced. Eye Autofocus algorithm predicts the movement by focusing the human eye real-time resulting in fast and clear focusing. Despite of distance between the camera and the subject.

AI Extreme Night Portrait

 – vivo V23e offers smart AI Extreme Night Portrait that uses AI algorithm to merge multiple frames and denoise the picture resulting in perfectly illuminated pictures even in the most extreme dark condition with almost no light source. The AI algorithm also ensures that facial features of the portrait are reproduced. Intelligently in extremely dark environments through AI brightening and AI denoising.

Multi-Style Portrait – vivo V23e is moving one step ahead to promise studio quality capture with upgraded portrait effects. The Multi-Style portrait offers a full set of portrait effects such as Face Beauty. Makeup and specially designed filters to allow users to capture the best portrait.

Double Exposure – Double exposure pictures are extremely fun and allows users to merge pictures and create portraits with your favorite celebrity, friend, or any other picture imported by just importing pictures from the albums. The vivo V23e offers an upgraded version of the double exposure with more detail than the previous generation.


Dual-View Video & Steadiface Selfie Video – Not just amazing pictures, vivo V23e also offers users with an incredible tool to capture seamless video with clear focus, smooth stabilization and other feature like Dual-View video that supports more shapes for the small windows also allowing users to adjust the screen ratio and capture stunning videos. 

Furthermore, the selfie camera offers Steadiface Selfie Video – a face-centric video stabilization which. Eliminates handshake and keeps subject’s head stable making it a perfect device to shoot vlogs.

vivo V23e is keeping the legacy alive of the most loved premium vivo V series by offering great technology solution. To the users and setting new milestones in the world of smartphone camera. Every camera feature proves that vivo V23e is a winner and without a doubt. One of the best smartphone cameras out there in the market.


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