Photography Stalwarts of Pakistan Share Their Experience with vivo V23e

Photography Stalwarts of Pakistan Share Their Experience with vivo V23e

Have you played a children’s party game called ‘Telephone’? Now, for those who don’t remember, ‘Telephone’ is a game where a player whispers a message to the second which is then forwarded to the third and so on. The last player then declares the message out loud for everyone to hear. Funnily, the final message is always different from the first. As entertaining as the game is, players often end up trying to solve the mystery of when the message got muddled. If you think about it carefully, we spend our lives making decisions based on that unreliable childhood game- getting our information from amateurs posing to be experts. 

Why depend on incomplete information, especially for important investments, when the world today has grown to create experts in every field? One of those committing moments is purchasing a smartphone. In order to put an end to speculation, vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, has brought experts in photography to share their thoughts on vivo’s latest smartphone camera and more. So, gear up because the truth about vivo V23e is about to unfold. 

Recently, vivo added the all-new V23e to its V series family. Like all vivo’s premium V series smartphones, V23e too brings tremendous features to its camera system. The smartphone is equipped with extravagant additions that take mobile photography up a few notches. 

While the smartphone has become popular among smartphone enthusiasts, the brand wants to ensure that news of V23e reaches its audience via responsible sources. So, vivo brought onboard two beloved Pakistani photographers, Fahad Hanif and Abrar Ali Khawaja to talk about their favorite V23e camera features and tips to use the camera in different ways. 

vivo V23e is equipped with a gorgeous 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera that brings authenticity and clarity to images. On being asked, Abrar Ali Khawaja responded that he enjoyed the front camera system especially because of the ISOCELL 3.0 technology that significantly increases the photosensitive performance. Fahad added, “I was thoroughly impressed by the front camera’s clear, sharp and high resolution output in varying scenarios. I love that the camera system produces amazing results irrespective of the distance between the lens and the subject. Interestingly, vivo’s AF module automatically adjusts the focal length with assistance from the Eye Autofocus algorithm resulting in spectacular imaging.”  

Talking about night photography, Fahad excitedly said, “When you have a vivo V23e in hand, background lighting does not matter. The 64MP Night Camera combined with the Professional Mode is a real marvel that makes for a superb rear camera.” Abrar also pointed out that both the front and rear cameras have a large aperture that allows photographers to easily take super clear pictures at nighttime. 

Fahad and Abrar have made a name for themselves thanks to their unique niches. While Fahad snaps jaw dropping cityscapes, Abrar captures breathtaking landscapes. Fahad offered a rare piece of advice for budding street photographers. He said, “Monuments and roads are large structures that require special photography modes, moresoever with a smartphone. Therefore, photographers must remember to keep trying different features at different times of the day. Luckily, vivo V23e offers a wide variety of modes to test.  Whether one wants a Wide Angle + Macro Camera or bright night camera choices, trust the device to come to your aid. For example, the Bokeh Flare Portrait on the rear camera is a very intriguing feature for photographers to explore. It makes use of the dual camera system and AI to process those point light sources in the background and turn them into dreamlike flare bokeh.” 

As for taking landscapes, Abrar said, “For documenting the mighty nature, videography is as important as photography. We encourage photographers to first stabilize handshakes for clear documentation. However, vivo’s coming of age technology has solved that issue. That is precisely why I like the device’s Steadiface Selfie Video feature – it firmly locks the subject’s face that delivers stable videos.” 

Fahad has observed that photography, especially travel, is increasingly becoming a hobby turned into a profession. He says, “If you are an aspiring travel photographer then begin now, harness your skills and create a profession out of your passion. A device like V23e in hand is truly a guide to master professional mobile photography. Learning to use its features at the right time with the right modes will be a learning experience of a lifetime. I recommend budding artists to invest in the phone to explore the world of travel photography.” 

“When traveling, a fast charging setup is an asset for one who is always on the move. That way vivo has added a swift 44W FlashCharge for travelers to pause their trip only for a limited time,” added Abrar. Fahad also noted that apart from the camera, vivo’s 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM is a useful feature for a smooth functioning device. “Honestly, I’m no design expert but I certainly have an eye for beauty, I must admit that the smartphone’s Flat Frame Design and Trendy Colors encased in a 7.36mm Ultra Slim AG Design is a real catch for anyone irrespective of their interest in pursuing photography as a profession.” 

The verdict is out because the experts have spoken. Trust your favorites to guide you, vivo V23e is now available for purchase at your nearest stores. Go and grab yours today.


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