<strong>Zong 4G redefines digitalization with its latest TVC that unveils its new tagline: Let’s Get Digital</strong>

Zong 4G redefines digitalization with its latest TVC that unveils its new tagline: Let’s Get Digital

 Zong has taken the industry by storm with its recently launched TV Commercial starring some of the most prolific Social Media influencers who unveil the new tagline for the brand- Let’s Get Digital. Embracing the digital revolution and leading it from the front, Zong 4G has stretched the conventional boundaries and has proved to be the youth’s brand of choice for their digital needs.

As a brand that truly understands the ever-evolving needs of its customers and adapts quickly to meet them, the new clutter-breaking TV Commercial showcases how Zong 4G is resonating with the youth’s feelings and empowering them on an emotional level. Transitioning seamlessly from its former tagline ‘A New Dream’, Let’s Get Digital represents Zong’s digital journey and how effectively it built a solid foundation that caters to the nation’s ever-changing connectivity needs.

 “At Zong, we understand that leading the nation to a digital future requires much more than just basic infrastructure. Rather it also needs a digital partner, which enables the digital lifestyle and provides them with unmatched digital experience. ” Shared Zong’s official spokesperson. “We are the youth’s preferred digital partner because we connect with them like no other and understand their ever-changing connectivity needs.”

“With the new tagline, we’re telling Pakistan just that: we’re the digital partner in the country. This is proven by the fact Zong is the one that is carrying the largest share of the data traffic in Pakistan and hence we want Pakistani to embark on the journey of digitalization with us. We are excited about the new TVC and hope that our customers will be able to connect with it,” the spokesperson added.

Over the past years when digital connectivity has become imperative for economic growth, Zong has played a pivotal role in connecting Pakistan and providing a strong foundation for its economic and digital uplift. As a brand that truly understands the needs of its customers, last year saw Zong become the only brand to partner with the likes of Google Maps, YouTube, PUBG, Punjab Skills Development Fund and Sehat Kahani.

As a true enabler of digitalization, Zong 4G is powering more than 60% of Pakistan’s Data traffic through its seamless connectivity solutions. With the new tagline, Zong is now ready to take the nation to the digital future it has been creating for over a decade. ‘Let’s Get Digital’ is also more relevant as Zong continues to spearhead the ICT-powered digital transformation in Pakistan and be a key enabler of the government’s Digital Pakistan agenda.

Zong is the No.1 choice of the nation. Its leadership in digital innovation has been recognized on many occasions which is an affirmation that Zong 4G has been at the forefront of providing unrivalled digital solutions, matchless connectivity, and the most advanced customer care.

For over a decade, Zong has led the country’s ICT-powered digital transformation in the country, taking the lead on many fronts. From pioneering 4G in Pakistan to testing 5G for the first time here, and from free YouTube and Google Maps to industry-leading My Zong App, Zong continues to lead Pakistan to a digital future that the nation envisions. Leveraging on state-of-the-art technology, the company is providing unmatched data connectivity to Pakistanis and continues to be customers’ foremost preference in Pakistan.

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